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Buck Paradise Journal

 September 30, 2020 - Good evening everyone!  We have had some beautiful weather here and over 50 % complete with harvest.  Our crew have been working long long hours harvesting.  Some days Grant gets to bed when the Hunters are heading out.  He feels that a good 4 hours sleep and he is good to go.  Not sure how they do it.  I am the lucky one, I get to work my job from home and make a few meals.    It warms my heart listening to all the boys on the radio.  We have Grants brother Dean on grain cart and Ian and Garet on combines.  Dean shares memories with his nephews about different homesteads and landmarks they are combining around.  There is constant visiting and talk on yields, weather and everything else under the sun.  Tomorrow Grants Mom Paulette will come and join the fun and help me with meals to the field as I am busy in the office.  Rebecca had today off so she was out today to help as well.  Emalie will look after Sunday dinner on her day off from her practicum in Lloyd.  Noella was out yesterday to help as well as last week with Canadian hunters in camp.  So all hands on deck and we are hoping the weather holds and we can be done by Thanksgiving.  We are greatful for all the extra help we have from friends and neighbors as required as well.   We are missing our American friends and we cant wait until the world returns to some kind of normalcy.

September 14/20 - Good morning Grant here. Thanks to Lana for getting the Journal going again. My excuse this time is I lost my password to get in here but she got it figured out. Thank honey. Anyways sitting in my office on this cloudy breezey september morning having a coffee and being thankful for all we are blessed with considering these crazy times. We have been busy harvesting. We got our peas off on my Birthday Sept.04. We only had 130 acres in of Green peas this year and they turned out really good. Avg of 64 Bushels per acre and for Greens that is really good. I hope to keep some for seed for next year. So as soon as we were finished harvesting it the geese started to come in. My neighbor Brian had 160 acres of peas in kitty korner to me and the geese where in his standing peas which is not good. After we got our harvested they moved over to them. SO to save his crop from the geese feeding in his unharvested standing peas we left the geese alone on ours. Normally with hunters in camp we would not have done this and we would have just scared the geese off the neighbors peas to help him out from the geese eating his income from that crop. So he harvested these peas the last few days and so yesterday AM Jared, Shelby, Ian, Myself, Neighbor Glen F & Brother Dean and nefew Wyatt and cousin Nick W headed over for a hunt. Only 2 miles from the lodge and our farm. We hunted out of the "redneckwaterfowl" blinds that they sent up to us to try. I love them. They are very comfortable and are on skids and easy to move around with a full floor off the ground. I loved hunting out of them. Anyways we roll into our field (I rent this land from my neighbor for farming and got permission from him first) and here is a truck in the middle of the field with decoys set up and ready to hunt... I kindly asked if he had permission to hunt here and asked who he was. He said he was from "town" and would not tell me his name. I told him who I was and that I farm that land and had permission from the landowner to hunt. He told me if it is not posted than you do not need permission.... NOT TRUE and here is why.... 
1.Respect for the landowner and the renter. 
2.Respect for the neighbor who had standing peas beside ours. (As mentioned early we were chomping at the bit to hunt this field but left them feed there to save the nieghbors peas from being fed on)
3.Respeect to other hunters who go and get permission and do there due diligence..
I kindly asked the gentleman to pack up his gear and next time get permission. Obviously he was not happy with me but packed up his gear and headed out. This all could have been avoided if him and his crew respectfully asked permission to hunt. If the hunter would have been resonable I may have invited him on our hunt or a future hunt down the road but I dont think he wanted any part of that. So I guess this blog is a bit of a rant. Fellow hunters. Please ask permission. It is going to become law to do so soon I beleive but out of respect for everyone till then please call our awesome farmers and ask... Its simple and the farmers really appreciate it and so do fellow hunters. Also I have a cousin and neighbor who farms who had found some guys cleaning birds on his land and leaving behind the mess of feathers and entrails on his property. He was not happy about this and after questioning them he found out they hunted some land that he rents. He was very upset.. Thus making it hard on hunters who get permission and do it right. So please everyone have the greatest respect for our farmers wether the rent or own the land. They take care of it and put a lot of money into it. With no American hunters coming north this fall there are going to be a lot of great fields to hunt and not much pressure to the birds. I encourage our fellow Canadian hunters to enjoy it, but please get permission and respect the landowner and his land... There I am done I hope point is taken.. Anyways we had a fun shoot. No wind at all and frosty ground made the birds a little weary but we harvested about 50 birds in totals with a nice mix of greater and lesser canadian geese and mallard ducks. It was fun and came back home to a great breakfast Lana cooked up for us. Then we cleaned the birds and it was back to farm work. We took off 550 acres of barley the past few days around the farm. (this will also attrack ducks and geese :) and still have 170 acres to go. Hopefully this afternoon we can finish them. I had trucks coming and gettng what we harvested and delivered to Marshall, SK where we sell a lot of our grain. So Ian and I and brother Dean and his youngest son Hayden spent a good hour or so cleaning out the bins they were hauling out of and now everything is empty and ready to go for the next round. After the barley is harvested we have 160 acres of oats to take off (also fields geese and ducks love to feed on after harvested) which I hope will go mid week. Then all that is left is canola (which ducks and geese do not like) and we have a lot of that in this year. but it will be a couple weeks before it will be ready to harvest. So that will give us some time to do a little goose hunting with friends and neighbors. We are booking a couple CDN resident groups here as we do not know when the border will open up. They say Sept.21 but I am not sure that will happen... But if I hear anything I will post it on here and on all our social media... Garet has been living in the swather the last little while cutting canola. He has one day left but our swather is tired and is giving us some trouble otherwise he would have finished. We will hopefully get it fixed this morning and then finish that job. Thats it for now. Thanks all. Hope all is well and we really miss our clients and friends so far this fall and are hoping things open back up sooner than later. Take care.


September 12/20 - Good Afternoon Friends and Family.  We just wanted to check in and let you know we miss you and hope you are doing well.  We are looking forward to a time when it is safe to cross the border again.  It seems the decision to keep borders closed has been month to month on the Canadian side.   Grant, Ian, Garet, Jared and Grants brother Dean are harvesting Barley right now around the house and lodge.  Ian has some great pictures I will try to share.  Last week the boys harvested some peas close to home and you know what that means.  The geese are loving it and getting pretty comfortable on this field.  Looks like migrating lessers as well as some Specs  I am told :).  Grant is excited to have a good goose shoot close to home so the boys will get up early and head out and take some local land owners and neighbors to have some fun.  We are very thankful for all the farmers and land owners that let us hunt on there land.  They are going to try to try out a few new blinds that are super comfy and great hide.   We will post some pictures tomorrow on Instagram. - Lana

March 25/20 - Hope you are all well. We had another skif of snow last night so I just got in from a little shovelling and took the blower and moved some with it also. Still a good amount of snow out there yet. We have not had any big melt offs yet but I think we are in the plus temps all next week. Lana is flat out with her job (selling the oil that makes Ashphalt). Her sales are mostly to the US and she has been busy from 7:00 AM till around 5:30 PM every day. All of her colleauges who most are out of Calgary and are used to working from there offices are now all at home trying to run there jobs from there. Ian and I spent the day in the shop yesterday working on our ol White International semi. Serviced, washed, detailed, took mud flaps off. Added a light. Fixed a door and the roll up window.. She will be like new for this spring. Garet has a cold so is staying at home to just get rid of it. We are pretty sure he doesnt have the virus but better safe than sorry. I also detailed my side by side yesterday and today I think I will tackle Lana & I vehicles. So yes, we are getting a lot of cleaning and organizing done. I really want to go ice fishing and possibly next week I may take off and go see Brandon and Adam up at Cree Lake. I would love to spend a couple days also at my cabin up by the Key Lake mine but most important right now is staying at home and monitoring my family and being here for them in case something happens. I dont like sounding like a pessimist and I am not but this virus has everyone including me concerned. So again, laying low is the best thing to do. Good thing I like cleaning things :) I also watched a Ritchie Bros auction sale yesterday online. Farm equipment seemed to be selling at a good price. The sale was out of Regina, SK so close to the US border and there was quite a bit of equipment going there due to the Strong US dollar compared to our weaker CDN dollar. Lana and I had face time with our good friends the Millens last night over a glass of wine and it was so good to catch up with them. I also face timed my very good friend Rick Meacham (from Australlia) yesterday morning also. He just got back from a fishing trip and is self quarintined as he was on a plane and through a airport. They are also taking it very serious there as we are. Well thats all I know for now. Going to go clean something. Take care everyone. 

March 23/2020 - Good morning everyone. Well I think we can all agree that none of us have seen anything like this and hopefully this will all blow over quickly and we will not have to deal with something like this again. Up here in Saskatchewan, Canada people are very concerned. People whom I know that have travelled in the past two weeks and been on airplanes and airports are self quarantining themselves and cheers to them for doing so. I guess the more we all do to avoid each other these days the faster this will pass by. It is terrible to hear what is happening in Italy and I sure don't want to see that in the US or Canada. I was planning on going Ice fishing for a few days but I am holding off of that now. My family and I were actually scheduled to be in Texas right now on vacation. We were all excited but that got canceled a couple of weeks ago which is fine. We will do it someday when things are good again. On that trip we were suppose to go to an awesome Crawfish boil that my good friend Tommy Barber puts on in Louisianna. But that is canceled of course for now also. Restaurants and I believe most bars are closed down around here. I believe you can still get take out or delivery but out here on the farm we have a deep freeze full of beef, Venison and Moose meat thanks to Ian this past fall. He tagged out on a beauty Draw tag bull right close to the farm here.  I actually have a moose backstrap seasoned and ready to go on the traegar here shortly. So we will just continue to work around the farm here. My fish hooks and tackle are more organized than they have been for awhile. We have work to do around the shop. Some office work as usual. Things are slow on the bookings as of what is going on and to be expected. But again we are still planning on our Spring Bear hunt starting for us May 14th. Hope fully things are back to normal by then. Wait and see I guess. We can hunt bear until the end of June so if we need to push it back some we will. Ok every one, I will try to get on here every few days to keep you updated on the happenings of Buck Paradise and my family. We are all well and I don't know anyone personally who has the virus. So stay safe. Stay away from crowds. Be smart. Let's kick this thing in the ass and  move on with our great lives. 

March 20/2020
Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting our site. I hope that everyone is staying healthy in this time of Covid-19 (Corona virus) We at Buck Paradise are continuing on with our daily routines out here on the farm. The boys are working in and around the shop and we are being careful to keep ourselves from larger amounts of people. Lana is very busy with her job and is Staying positive. I wish I knew the answer on what is going to happen but I dont have a clew. As of now we are still planning a Spring Bear Hunt. We hope and pray that with what everyone in the world is doing that we will get passed sooner than later. We still have openings for some waterfowl and whitetail deer hunts. Give me a call if you are interested. I think I am going to go do some icefishing. Take care all. 
Buck Paradise Outfitters

January 2/2019
Hello everyone. Grant checking in. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the best to everyone in this new 2019 Year. 1st off I would like to thank Becca for doing a wonderful job with our social media and keeping the website up to date. She is getting busier with her life and job and notified me that she is signing off from doing the social media for Buck Paradise. Sad to see her go but Big thanks for the awesome job. So I guess I have to get my butt in gear and keep you all updated. I will do my best to do so. So as Becca posted I went to Texas with Lana and her work the beginning of December. It was a nice trip and a good breather away from the farm and camp for me. I took my computer and spent a lot of time in the room and got a lot of hunt contracts for 2019 sent out which was awesome. Lana was busy with dinner meetings usually till 8:30 - 9:00 PM so I found this beautiful restaurant on the resort called Robards steak house. It was awesome. I treated myself to some great meals :) I loved there steak and fresh oysters on the half shell and one night some tuna with a beautiful glass of red wine everynight. I really enjoyed it. Then I would join up with Lana and her crew after and have a few cocktails and visit with her & her awesome clients. We got a little shopping in the 2nd last day and then it was home time. We made it back in time to see the last 4 hunters off and 3/4 shot some nice bucks. We then headed to the community Christmas party with our Buck Paradise Crew and enjoyed the dualing pianos and had a great time dancing and mingling. Christmas came fast and it was great. On Dec.23/19 we had all of our family join us and we had a house and garage full. It was a great time and my Mom was the last to leave at 3:30 AM. The next morning was spent drinking coffee with neighbors and friends and then I took Lana's Dad Dennis to town to see Becca's office and go for coffee. It was good as Dennis new some of the people in there and he had a great visit. Then we came home. I had a big turkey on the traegar and Lana and her Mom Barb had salads and stuffing all prepared and it was a beautiful Christmas eve Dinner. We opened some gifts that night and hit the hay. The next day everyone was gone and Lana and I enjoyed the day with a little relaxing and lots of cleaning up but it was a nice day. Boxing day was also queit for us. Over the next week we had more friends and neighbors stop by and we ate and drank and got caught up. It was awesome.. New Years eve Lana and I headed to some friends in Paradise Hill and enjoyed bringing in the New Year playing pool and socializing. It was a fun evening and we were home around 1:30 AM. We drank a lot of water between the few drinks we had and we both felt good yesterday which was a nice way to bring in the New year. New Years day I plowed snow and Lana did some cleaning around the house and we both settled in early and watched a couple good movies. Was another good day. Today the last load of grain I had went to the elevator. All of our fertilizer bins are full. Seed bins are full. Our brand new drill is at home and shedded and we are excited about the upcoming spring... Lana and I are off to cabo  with our good friend Barcley for his Birthday. He has rented a condo down there and we are headed there for 5 days.. Thats about it for now. More trips planned down the road. I ll keep ya all in the loop of what we are doing. Happy New Years everyone. All the best...


December 5. 2018
Good afternoon everyone,
My apologies for not journalling last Wednesday as I was at a course for work a few hours away, didn't get home till late. So here I am today trying to figure out all that went on while I was away. And let me tell you I love all our guides and workers but they ain't much for communication so I need to dig a little to figure out who is who, who shot what, where are they from, and how the heck do you spell their last name. It was so much easier when I worked here as an Emalie and when I did a lot more of the books because when you do hunters licenses you know where they are from, what they are hunting when their birthday is and the most important thing in my social media mind is how to spell their first and last names. Anywho let's get talking,

We have our good friends drive up usually every year, Gary, Terry, and Dave. They always bring a smile to the Buck Paradise Crew, always so nice having familiar faces around during this busy season. Oh and Hi Terry, Hi Gary, and Hi Dave! Hope you guys had a safe trip home, hope to see you three sometime soon! Happy Holidays!

This was a very exciting week! On Monday we had Gary Elza tag out on a beautiful WhiteTail. Ian was his guide and Ian had been tracking this buck for a while now. So happy Gary got the chance to tag out on that monarch of a buck! Congrats Gary!!

Wednesday Terry Smith shot out on his big ole Saskatchewan Whitetail. Once again Terry was guided by Ian as well. Ian was having an amazing week especially with all the luck his clients were getting at his baits! Congrats Terry once again!!

Keith from L.A guided by Jared Hillmer shot out as well on a nice Whitetail! Jared was pretty excited for Keith as this was one of the best bucks Jared had on camera this week. Congrats boys!

Last but not least our girl Emalie tagged out only after sitting an hour in the blind on her very first Whitetail. Believe or not she was also guided by Ian Kuypers. Congrats Em very well deserved! They only check that camera twice in the season maybe that was their luck for this time but you never know what Saskatchewan WhiteTails are thinking.

Lots of snow means lots of movement in the bush! Those big bucks are moving and need some food so our baits are looking like Christmas dinner, we have 4 hunters in camp for our last week of whitetail hunting, and its already Wednesday. Good luck to all of them! Cole has a great buck on Camera so let's see if his hunter Corey can tag out on him.

Grant and Lana are in Texas for Moms job, Grant usually goes with to do his own business and visit friends in the area but this time I think he went for his own time off. He has been sending me photos of Mom shopping on her time off from meetings and even more photos of dogs. That's the last thing we need is Mom having more clothes or is it that we need more dogs.... hmm tough one there. They are set to arrive home Thursday night, and Friday night we have our Community Christmas party, our chance to celebrate all our hard work these last few months and then the next day to recover and relax.

Go check out our WhiteTail 2018 file to see photos, and our Facebook page and the Instagram page is also up and running fast with all the updates!

Hope all is well with everyone,
Talk soon,


November 23, 2018 

Good Morning everyone, last week we had a few hunters that tagged out with success. It was a great week. Check out our photo gallery - Whitetail 2018 to see all the ones tagged out.

Sunday I headed to Edmonton early in the morning to pick up our hunters Serge & Lousie. It was a brutal day for driving with the freezing rain and below zero driving conditions but we made it back to the lodge safe and sound.

Busy week this week in camp, we have Serge & Louise, Ed Goins and his two sons, two brothers, and a family of a Mom, son, and Grandfather. A really great group of people. Everyone in the Goins family shot out except for the oldest son Corey, maybe it will be his lucky day today. Serge tagged out before Louise! They have come up here for 4 years and this is the first year Serge has got his trophy. The Grandfather of the family group Terry shot out on the first day with a beautiful whitetail!

Congrats to everyone it was a great week, and good luck to the boys and girls out there today and tomorrow!

Talk soon,


Nov 14/18 - Wow- Two posts in one day... Hi Murray & Felix :) We listened to you. Grant here. Well as Becca all reported things are going well. They did find Mikes buck. A nice 4X4. Not the one Ian had him on but a good buck and Mike is happy and proud of him. Seems like the rut is kicking in good. I saw lots of wildlife this AM while hauling Canola to Marshall. Moose, Mule Deer, Whitetails, and some cows. Lots of cows.  Anyways I had no breaks most of the way with a full load of canola behind me to Marshall which is a good hour and 20 minutes away from our farm and going down the Highway 21 South Hwy and crossing the bridge over the North Sask River to say the least I was cruising. All good. I made it there and then the breaks started to work but I still took it to Novlans in p Hill to have it safetied and a good going over. Land and I are waiting on Oneil as he is coming to Goodsoil with us this evening. Looking forward to seeing some old friends up there that used to hunt with us when I was part of Brandon & Deans team. Big Bucks are going to start coming down at Buck Paradise. I feel it. We will keep you all updated. Hope everyone has a great evening.

Buck Paradise


Nov 14, 2018,

Good morning,

{I just seen Grant finally snuck on here and updated you guys way better than I ever could so if I repeated a story please forgive me. }

Last week we had our huge crew of 11 hunters in camps with all this we shot out on 5 whitetail deer. It was a busy week but a very rewarding week for all of us. It was great seeing familiar faces & meeting all the new ones, we hope to see them all sometime soon! On Sunday evening we got in 8 new hunters!

Now let's get everyone up to date on what happened this week.

Tuesday was Emalie 20th birthday, to celebrate her parents came out on Friday night and had supper with all of us. We love and appreciate everything Emalie does for us, Happy Birthday EM! & thanks for always keeping Ian in a good mood.

Garet had his home openers for hockey this weekend in Paradise Hill, Winning both games was a great start for the Paradise Hill Hawks. Congrats Garet!

If you remember during Waterfowl season Jared had his new retriever dog Annie with him all season and she worked great for her first season retrieving ducks and geese. Annie has been with us ever since Grants surprise birthday, Jared girlfriend Devon came out to visit this weekend all the way from their hometown of Claresholm 6 hours away. Jared and Devon spent the weekend baiting and bringing hunters in and out of the bush. Devon headed back home on Monday evening with Annie alongside. We hope to see them sooner then later but opening day for Waterfowl is a hike away. All the best for those two ladies and see you sometime soon!

I am currently sitting in our living room typing away and updating areas of the website, our radio is going off and it seems Ian is in the bush looking for his hunter Mike's deer. Sounds like they found blood hope they find Mike's whitetail this morning soon here.

Busy day ahead for all of us today, Grant is a hauling grain for the morning, Lana working away in her office, Ian, Jared, Cole are all in bush, Emalie cleaning around the yard, Raymond baking some fresh buns and bread for the week, and I am doing website updates & cleaning the house once again.

Grant and Lana are heading out to Goodsoil to visit Grants brother Dean's & Cousin Brandon's outfitting camp "Buck Country Outfitters." this evening. Always a night full of great stories when visiting other Outfitters, Goodsoil is about an hour and a half north which means different movement in the bush and lots of different stories from these first few weeks of Whitetail. Pat & Nicole Reeves from Driven TV are there and they are looking forward to catching up with them Word is Nicole shot a nice buck yesterday & Pat hammered a big buck today...

Hope all is well,

Talk soon,

Good morning everyone. Grant here.... Ya I know.. Been a long time and no my fingers didnt get chopped off. First off a big Thank you to Becca for getting on here and keeping you all updated on what is happening. She is doing a excellent job and I enjoy reading her writes up as much as I hope you all do. Well where to begin. I am sitting here in the new addition Lana and I did to our house this summer. It is beautiful and relaxing. I have the gas fireplace going and since we finished harvest I look forward to sitting in my chair with a hot cup of coffee and relaxing before the day begins. I know Becca has told you all about everything but I will elaborate a little more on everything.  Harvest 2018... Basically was a bitch. Excuse my language, but it was one of the longest drawn out harvest not only my self but even the old timers can remember. We started taking off peas for the neighbor Aug 29th I believe. The peas were tough but the weather looked sketchy even back then so we went on them and put them in our air bins to help maintain and dry them down a little bit.. Then Garet and I cut canola for 10 days and lots of nights straight and knocked down 2800 acres in that time frame. There was a good heavy swath but frost was hitting most nights and it did damage the canola resulting in some bushell loss and poor quality. We started combining Barley the end of Sept and took most of that off tough as well but got it off. Normally we would have straight cut it all but it snowed a few times in september and layed it down a bit so Garet and I went with the swather and cut it all so when it was ready to combine we could get it a lot easier... Which was a good move as more snow came and layed down a lot of crops which made it very tough to get after that and hard on combines. We only had 130 acres of barley left to do and then more snow. So its beginning of Oct and we sat for about 20 more days without turning a wheel. More snow and rain and cold. But mother nature gave us a break and around the 20th of October it warmed up nicely and the wind blew and we rented two more combines and started hard on the canola. You can take a lot of acres of with 4 combines. Longer story short, we got it all off with good yields but poorer quality but we made some good choices and contracted lots of bushells at good prices and we will get throught another year in the black.... We have moved a lot of that grain already thanks to the good people at Marshall Pioneer and plan to move the rest of it this month. That will be a good feeling. Pay the bills all up and start planning for next year. On to what you all want to hear about... Deer Hunting. We started Nov.01 with 2 hunters in camp that booked a 10 day hunt. Both seen good qulaity bucks early in there hunts but either one ended up shooting this year. They were happy with the deer quantity which they both reported is up from past years. We then had a group of our good texas friends arrive and some nice bucks hit the ground early into there hunt. The weather has been good with snow on the ground and cold temps which is good as it has helped our guides get further back into the woods where they cant get till it freezes up good so there are new baits getting put in this week. We have 8 hunters in camp this week and bucks are starting to chase so it should be a exciting week and we hope some big mature bucks make a mistake and walk in front of one of our hunters this week. Suppose to warm up mid week and then cool down by the weekend again. Typical November weather. I put my personal bait out over the weekend. Hope to spend some time when the farm land season opens up and maybe get a crack at a good mature buck. Well we got more grain to move out this week which is good. Becca mentioned our waterfowl season was awesome which it was. Many guests who shot many shotgun shells and harvested a LOT of ducks and geese. Our duck hunting this year was a record. Our lesser geese hunting was slower than usual, but the ducks really made up for them. Thanks to all my waterfowl staff. Chad, Jayden, Jared, Dub and our new guide Cole helped out the last week to. Also to Ray and Emalie who kept everyone full of great food and a very clean surroundng..Thanks to Lana for keeping up with all the licenses and record forms while i was very consumed with that late harvest. Everyone pulled together and we got it done and we are blessed to have that. I will try with Becca to get on here and do more of this as I know you all enjoy it. Felix and Murray a big shout out to you two guys.. I got it Felix... I will get on here more. Thank you my friend for reading and keeping up with us all. One last thing. Garet started his hockey season this past weekend. They had two home games and pulled off a W in both games. The last game going to OT and a shoot out. Very exciting and great that they got the W with it.. Take care everyone. Shoot straight. Chat again soon.


November 7th, 2018

Well, our Whitetail season has officially begun! We have had Bob & Felix since Wednesday and we got a huge crew of 9 on Saturday. With 11 hunters in the bush, we decided to have a bet on how many people are gonna shoot out on the first day, I said 1, Cole said 2, Jared said 3 and Corey said 4. So as 5 o'clock comes around the I head home from work and find out 1 hunter has shot out, finally got myself a win. The shop is the place to be to congratulate our tagged out hunter and see their new trophy. Of course, I am pumped because I am finally winning a damn bet around here, but Corey sends us all a photo of one of his hunters tagging out on a buck also. I was so close to winning but Cole took the win on that bet. Maybe I'll win the next random bet we come up with.

Corey told me a great story that I really need share with everyone, He had a father and son hunting at two different baits one year that were not to far apart and the father hunter had shot out on a beautiful buck. When Corey got to the bait to pick up his hunter and his new trophy, there seemed to be another buck sleeping directly behind the buck that shot out. Corey saw an opportunity here for his other hunter close by to tag out on a nice Whitetail as well. Corey picks up his hunter and radios in the son to see if he would like to come over and take a shot at this sleeping buck. Sure as heck they figure out this whole ordeal to work out that both the son and father would shoot out on two big ole bucks at the same bait on the same day, What are the chances of this even happening? What a story. It is actually crazy all the stories you hear around here I am definitely not a great writer so it's pretty tough to type it out and get the full effect of the story, it truly doesn't do justice. Maybe that's just an even better excuse to come here for a hunt or just a little visit...

I am nagging the crap out of the guides to send me the photos of the bucks and hunters so wait only a few hours to see those posted in our Whitetail Season 2018 folder.

Hope all is well, talk soon



October 31st, 2018

Good Morning everyone!

We are DONE! finally, we are all finished our 2018 harvest! The boys have worked so hard to get all caught up. Now they are out at our local neighbors helping them get all finished as well.

Our Waterfowl Season is all done also! What a great and fast last two months! Hard to believe we are all done. Thanks, everyone again for everything these last two months helping us have a great season! Here's to next year!

Guess what else is all done...Renovations!

Today we get our Whitetail hunters! After a week off we are all ready to kick off whitetail season. Safe travels to all and see you soon!


October 21st 2018

Hi Everyone!!

We have had a lot of commotion out here at the farm these last few weeks so let’s get everyone updated!

Our hunts have been a little slow this last week due to this weird weather we have been having, 6 inches of snow to 22 degree sweating hot outside. But this hasn’t stopped us from having huge groups with lots of success just needed a little more patience than the starting of September with limits happening less than 20 minutes into shooting time. We have had so many people out here as well. Earl Bentz bringing two huge crews of men who had an amazing time hunting and visiting with some friends for their week vacation. Austin Musselman had a big group also bringing us lots of laughs, Tommy Barber, and our old friend who has been coming up here right from the beginning Chad Belding of The Fowl Life. He has caught lots of great footage of all the hunts and everything around the farm, which we really appreciate and hopefully, all of you do as well! It will be great for people who haven’t been up to Buck Paradise yet to see the surroundings and what an adventure a trip up here is all about. Our cook Raymond has been doing endless hours in our kitchen baking fresh bread and goodies for our hunters, even on the late nights where we are still waiting on a few guests to eat he is there waiting to serve his hunters. Thank you again for all the hard work and dedication to the game Ray!

Our renovations were on a huge halt as our basement flooded for the 10th time. This flood was fast and damaged lots of our basement thankfully our insurance got us all new walls and flooring so we are almost finished that, hopefully getting flooring all installed tonight and baseboard placed tomorrow to FINALLY get it all done. It has been mayhem, to say the least. We have had the best staff to help us out during the way, our painter Sheldon from Hillmond area has been awesome for these last few months staying later hours and coming in on Saturdays to help us get done even faster, Our builder Milton who has done the exact same putting in endless hours to make sure the best possible outcomes will come reality, and of course Grants brother Dean who spent his whole summer here building from the ground up none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for all these important people and their passion for building a house a home. Thank you, everyone and we are almost complete!!

Harvest has been slow, but lately quite steady with the recent weather changes we have had four combines going in the field with two semi drivers and a grain trailer hauler. We love and appreciate everyone hard work during this time as it is our livelihood to run our Buck Paradise Outfitters company and continually over the years be grain farmers. I know these things been lots of the boys, Grant and Lana. So everyone’s support and hard work mean the world to every one of us! Let’s pray we get done our the last fields to finally be able to say we survived another harvest!

We have hired on a new guide as well! Cole Fendelet from Hafford, Saskatchewan has been with us for a week now. He has a passion for hunting and wildlife through and through, with his studies at Lakeland college for his course in Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation to his trips to northern Yukon hunting he is a grade A guide and we are so happy to have him apart of our crew.

I have just graduated college this past weekend so I was celebrating finally being done my Reeves College experience. I am so happy to finally close this chapter on that part of my life. Hurray!

It has been busy here like always but I WILL be back next Wednesday to update you guys on how our first week off is going and how busy we are in the field waiting for our first crew of White Tail hunters to come in.


September 19th, 2018 - Good Morning everyone,

It was a great but tough week out in the field. We got some amazing birds throughout this week such great hunts. The tough part was for our guides and this damn cold weather. It has been raining then freezing at night, therefore, the guides have had some messy morning setting up and cleaning up. Still to the weather at their disadvantaged our guides managed to pull through with some amazing morning and afternoon hunts. Great job boys!

We had Earl Bentz once again in camp this week with a big crew of nine men. So many laughs and great stories with them. We also had Daniel and Tom in camp as a group of two from Jacksonville, Illinois, they have been having a great time here exploring all our little shops around the yard and even in PHill filled with lots of stories and memories. Always so great seeing the familiar faces again and getting to know the new ones. Safe travels guys! Can't wait to have you guys come back sometime soon.

Did I ever tell you guys the story of our missing sign and how I "conveniently" found it through my snapchat stories?

Well, I was living in Lloyd at the time not doing much on a Thursday evening, and of course, scrolling through my social media accounts & one of those being my Snapchat account. Clicking away through my Snapchat stories not paying much attention until I see our "BUCK PARADISE OUTFITTERS" sign on one of my Snapchat friends stories with the simple caption as "Anyone wanna party with our new sign." Well, this smart individual seemed to forget that I was very closely connected to the Kuypers family otherwise known as the Buck Paradise Outfitters group.
I instantly am fired up with adrenaline so I take a screenshot of this guy snapchat and send it to our family group chat, "Anyone missing a sign?" and then the night begins...Our family group chat starts going off with "Where is this?" "Who is this?" and lastly "Becca you need to go get our sign back."
Now with the help of Grant, Lana, Ian, Emaile & Garet fueling me up with their adrenaline, my blood was boiling. Little me was definitely up for the task, but not without some backup. When I say back up I mean strong young 20-year-old boys. I call up my good friend Paige to see what her boyfriend Keenan was up to and if he would be willing to help me out, conveniently Keenan was right beside her when I made this call with all his power engineering buddies having some drinks after class. So now instead of just a few of these young boys, I got a whole truckload. I head across town to pick up all the boys and of course Paige my right-hand girlfriend. Now its time to track down this guy with our sign. All of us in the truck are pretty pumped up that we're gonna get this sign back and revved up too because who the heck steals a sign. And Let's get the facts straight about this sign before the ending of the story comes, this sign is the one at the east side of the highway right before our turn off, a great mark in the road to know when your next turn is coming up. This sign was bolted into the fence with 8 huge screws, this sign was huge and was 45 minutes from Lloydminster where it ended up with this guy. To say the least, it was hard to even think how someone would take that much time and effort just to say they stole this sign.

So we finally get to this guys place, all the boys jump out of the truck waiting for the sign to come out. The house was dark no sign of any type of party going on. This guy gets our big ole sign out of his house places it in front of us and then heads back inside. Done deal? We all thought this was gonna be a big task and especially expecting to crash a party from the Snapchat of our sign. I'll never know but let's just say this guy knew I would have some backup and the good backup at that. Who knows, all I know is it worked and the whole family is pretty blessed to have friends that would help us out not even knowing the outcome.

This night I will probably always remember, it was so heated but so hilarious considering how easily we got it back. I distinctly remember going through my snapchat friends a few weeks prior and deleting lots of people and I was about to delete our sign stealer but my gut instinct was to let him stay as a Snapchat friend and I now know why it was important to keep him on.

What a story. Our famous sign is sitting in our shop & you can still see the marks and bolt holes from the night of the sign stealer.

Hope you enjoyed that story, I sure do love telling it.

Talk soon,

September 12th, 2018 - Good Afternoon everyone,

The weather has been great until today, rain rain and more rain. We have got some warning of snow too! We are praying that snow stays away. We need to get some good weather for our harvest season. Our swathing is all done as Garet finished the last field on Monday night, we are all ready with our equipment to be able to start getting those fields off & in the bins but we just need a few more days for everything to be ready in the fields.

Renovations are going well! The painting is almost all done so we are slowly getting the feeling of the new addition day by day. It is going to be so great for our family get-togethers.

Lana is off in California for a business trip but she will be back Friday. And like always she got everything ready for us this week making sure everyone was on schedule and ready for another busy week. So grateful to have our hardworking women to keep us all grounded and prepared around here. Thanks a million, Mama.

Today we said our goodbyes to the Gwell group and the Mossy Oak crew. Thank you guys for an amazing few days of hunting, Grant even got a chance to come out two mornings with Maverick and they both had a great time. Photos are up for this week of waterfowl hunting!

Hope all is well with everyone and safe travels to all our hunters coming up today and this week. We can't wait to see you all very soon.

Talk soon,


Septemeber 10th, 2018 - Good Morning everyone,

Our Namay group has left us this morning, they were great to have around once again. What a great family trip, very happy they choose to come here to spend it! See you guys sometime soon & safe travels!
Has anyone seen the Waterfowl photos yet? Pretty nice hey? Dub & Jared whipped up a homemade goose & duck display right before opening day, they even went in the lake to get some cattails to make the display look a little more rustic. Great job boys!

I was on an adventure with Maverick trying to get some photos from around the farm and I finally went into our "Shed Antler Shed" I still can not believe all the goodies in there, so many species of every age group. I'm now on a mission to clean it up and get it a little more organized. It will be great for another photo display area coming this November. If you haven't checked it out please do when you come by! & for those who aren't booked for this year to check it out ill take some photos once I'm all done with it!

Talk soon,

September 9th, 2018 - Good Morning everyone!

Opening week has been a successful one here at camp. We have limited out on our waterfowl morning hunts some lasting only 30 minutes. Beautiful black bear has been tagged out also. Check out our photos to see!

Last night the boys got done our new deck. After the afternoon duck hunt, we all came back to some cocktails on the deck enjoying the beautiful new view of the cabins and pea fields. Our groups have been nothing less than fantastic as always. Phill, Gene, Kevin, Scott, and Melissa left us this week it was awesome to catch up for a visit with them before they said their goodbyes. We have just the Namays group in camp this weekend which has been great, They requested French toast for their Sunday breakfast after waterfowl hunting and they received. Raymond did a great job on that. Tonight the Mossy Oak group will be arriving! & tomorrow an old friend Paul Stanley will be coming down too.

Safe travels to all, and see you very soon!

Talk soon,

September 5th, 2018 - Good afternoon everyone!

It is finally September, which means its hunting time. We have bear and waterfowl hunters in camp in this week, everyone arrived on Sunday, September 2nd & they are all having a trip of a lifetime! Time to catch up on a few things,

 We always try and improve all the different aspects here around the farm and business.  Our goal is to give all the hunters a better experience every time they come out.

 Let's talk about all the changes we are slowly putting into place.

 Scheduling. If you know Grant then you might know how easily he will last minute book someone, in that he might just accidentally forget to tell all the staff. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because honestly everything always ends up running smoothly, but it's just a nice little reminder to know who is coming and going a few weeks/days in advance of the schedule. 

I’ll take you back to a few years ago when I was working here as a cleaning staff. I remember Grant specifically telling me that the last week of Whitetail no one was booked therefore I would be able to finish one-week earlier than expected. When the last set of Whitetail hunters were saying their goodbyes I got a text message from Grant "Hey Becca, change of plans we are having 5 hunters in camp next week." Okay, so this was a completely fine text message for me to receive I mean some extra cash would be perfect before Christmas vacation, but let's not leave out that our cook Monica was leaving the day I received this message. I was now a cleaner and cook for 5 hunters and 4 staff. I must say yes of course back then it might have been a big stressor for me but like all out of comfort zone situations, it made me a better person, worker and I would say a better cook too. Oh and hey Grant I still do appreciate that you thought my hotdogs and KD I whipped up for the Kuypers family back when I was 15 at the lake made the cut to be able to change my menu to full course meals three times a day here at camp. Sign me up for Master Chef Canada.

 Now in present time, Lana has made us all a huge excel spreadsheet that is up to date daily on all the staff and hunters coming and going from camp. This is like gold to all of our staff in my opinion, but let's just hope spreadsheets don’t forget to mention things..


Merchandise Inventory! We have finally got an area where all the merchandise can be; we call it our little shopping store. Emalie is in charge of what comes and goes in the store. She has made the merchandise her own, everything is always organized and she knows the price/size of each and every item. I don't know where we would be without her around. Our merchandise has definitely grown exceptionally ever since we hired Katie a few years back. Grant would have lots on his plate and just to be able to give a job to someone else would save him so much time, one job is merchandise shopping. Katie took this job into her hands by ordering all kinds of new things. Kids clothes, mugs, coolers, backpacks, mini stickers, and even some stuffed up animals that read "Buck Paradise Outfitters”. As much as we love our Katie and all these neat little merchandise items we are still trying to figure out how we still come across boxes full of stuffed up animals. Finally, you guessed it another excel spreadsheet made up by Lana has come alive with every single piece of inventory we receive and sell. This will finally keep us up to date on what not to order & what to order, and how much we have of each item. I'm not even lying this spreadsheet says 80+ for stuffed up animals, & Katie ordered these back in 2015. Thank goodness for spreadsheets.


Before I let you guys go we are celebrating Grants brother Deans birthday today! He is the one behind all the building at our house from the basement to the deck alongside his buddy Milton. He has been so much help and it has been great to have him around. Happy Birthday, Dean!!

Talk soon,




August 29, 2018 - Good afternoon everyone!

Okay so we did the unthinkable, we surprised Grant! but not just with anything, we surprised him with a shop full of his closest friends and family, a live band and amazing food to celebrate his big 50th birthday!

So our favorite guy Grant Kuypers turns 50 coming up soon here on September 4th. With all the craziness that happens at the farm during September from our harvest to our waterfowl hunting, Grant hasn't celebrated his birthday with his friends and family for many years. Usually, he's in the tractor or in the office. Don't get me wrong Grant loves to do those two things but for this birthday Lana decided he needed a night to relax and have some fun with his favorite people.

Lana started planning for his big surprise party back in May, she made the list of what she thinks he would want and who would be attending. Before we knew it the band was booked, the caters were given the menu, and the guests were setting the date in their schedule. The biggest and hardest part about this whole plan was trying not to tell Grant. We emphasized to everyone that it is a "SURPRISE" party. Thankfully everyone was very understanding of that and no one spilled the tea to the big guy.

The party day arrived and we needed to get Grant away from the farm so we could all set up. Lana decided to have a Lloyd day with Grant which was perfect because it would keep him away for the whole day. Their plan was to be back at the shop for 7:30, and our guests were set to arrive at 7:00. Everything was set up, the band was on their way and the catering staff was in the little cabin organizing the food. There was just one small but very big problem going on..the power was out. I believe it was due to a pole that caught on fire somewhere between Spiritwood in Edam, it took the power from there all the way to our farm. I started lighting all the candles we could find for the shop to make sure there was enough light (really we were just trying to reevaluate the situation to try & do what would work the fastest and most efficient) Thankfully at 6:30 the lights and all the power had come on. Hallelujah. Grant late father Leonard was definitely helping us out with that one from up above. Thanks, Leonard. Everyone piled into the shop right as 7 hit it was like magic, truck after truck, trailer after trailer full of people all coming into the shop to all settle in for the big surprise happening very soon. Grant and Lana arrived right on the dot...SURPRISE!! Grant smiling ear to ear and Lana hugging him. We got him! All the guests cheering on the man of the night. What a rush, months of planning and keeping a secret from Grant was so tough. We learned soon after he got into the shop that when he got out of the truck (he was blindfolded) he heard all the giggling and chatting away from the outside of the shop and he knew something was up. Got him till the last possible second works for us. We still pulled it off.

The night was just beginning. If you aren't aware Grants birthday is a day before his younger brother Deans birthday as well, also Grant & Deans Mothers birthday lands on September 8th, So we had not just one birthday to recognize but 3! My grandparents (Lanas Mom & Dad) were celebrating their 51st anniversary as well that week. So with three birthdays and one anniversary, there was lots of celebrating to be done. The night was perfect and just what Grant never knew he needed. Family and friends from all over came down to celebrate the big day. The band was an absolute hit! They played the new and the old songs getting everyone dancing. The catering was delicious, from the salads to the desserts. But the best part of it all was the company.

To sit back & witness this whole night unfold was very memorable to see what an impact a small town farmer can make in this little world. Grant is the busiest, most hardworking, and the humblest guy I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have witnessed him on his most stressful days somehow always finding a way to have a great attitude & always helping out a friend in need. He is just always there for people, even with his endless support to our community of Paradise Hill always lending a hand and any type of equipment to make sure the day can go as smooth and fun as possible for everyone involved. He lives every day to the fullest making sure everyone around him is happy and appreciated, so we are all so damn happy we could give him a night where it's him getting all the appreciation and love he deserves. This was a night for the books for sure,

Lastly we would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone that was involved in making this day finally become a reality, to everyone who brought gifts and snacks for the guests and family, The band, photograther and catering for doing an amazing job we still haven't heard the end of the compliments from their amazing work. It is truly amazing what can happen when everyone comes together for one person just to make them feel some extra love & appreciation on their birthday.

Oh and don't worry everyone there will be photos from this night to follow...

Talk soon,


August 22, Good afternoon everyone!

This week has been crazy around the farm. Our renovations have been coming along very fast with everyone lending a hand and working extra long hours to try and get as much done as possible before our first set of hunters come to camp starting September 1st. With all the hustle around the renovations & our harvest.. my goodness, I still have no idea how Grant sleeps at night with all the stuff going on around the farm. Thank god he has Lana to ground him & get him back in his right mind to get all the jobs done.

One day we were all somewhere around the farm cleaning up the yard. Garet, Ian & I were all hauling our old corrals into the dump. Emaile was setting up new beds in the shop for our guides and a new laundry room
( That's right Jared will be able to wear his Goose PJS every day with the laundry room being at full access), & Lana was hauling rocks to our new path that will be a direct route from the cabins right to the Just One More bar. Hmm, now who are we missing... Grant! Well, Grant, he was out on the East side of the farm cleaning up all the steel and metal laying around the back shop. And of course, he has his right-hand man Maverick right beside him. Grant simply just trying to get everything done to the best of his ability and Maverick just trying to be as close as possible to Grant this is where an almost mishap will occur. Well, Grant goes to take the long metal tubing to move to the right side pile and Maverick still gazing at Grant does not see this damn metal piece coming right toward his prized leg. Grant yells out "MAVERICK MOVE!" Thank the lord it just missed his bone, Mav now has a little red spot that took off some of his hair on his front right leg. Now no one needs to worry our Maverick is still happy as ever & hasn't skipped a beat..but my goodness that is just what we need our retriever dog gets a broken leg right before waterfowl?? No thanks! We all have some angels watching over us and I'm so thankful Mavericks were right by his side that day.

Hope all is well, I miss you all!

Talk soon,


August 15, 2018 - Good afternoon everyone! It has been a long time...We have had a very busy yet amazing summer, but its almost time for harvest and our Waterfowl season to officially begin so lets catch up! 

Grant and Lana have been working extra hard on our renovations to the farmhouse, with adding on a garage & sunroom that will soon be ready for siding and flooring. Garet and Ian are busy hauling grain and getting everything ready for the beginning of harvest which will be here before we know it. Emaile has been busy keeping up with all the movement throughout the cabins this summer. We have hosted a wedding, reunions, bands and many different retreats out at the lodges. SO blessed everyone around us can feel at home and relax at our lodges. We can't forget to let everyone know the big news of Ian & Emalie bringing us a new little addition to the family this year! She is about 10 pounds, has long dark hair, & never without a little smile on her face. She is a miniature schnauzer and her name is Bella. Yes, Bella is a dog no human babies yet don't get too excited now, but now that were on the topic of dogs we need to talk about our Maverick. Mav has been working hard by retrieving everything he finds laying around the yard, & yes a retrieving dog and renovations do not mix so you can just imagine what he brings back to you. Myself you ask?? I have just started my job at the Village office in Paradise Hill which has been keeping me busy learning all the new things that come with a new job and meeting so many people. I love it! Wednesdays the office is closed so it finally gives me a full day to be completely dedicated to the Buck Paradise social media accounts and of course all the Buck Paradise family. So yes that means you will not have to wait for 2...4.... or even 8 months for a journal entry. I will at least give you one journal entry a week, so my audience, Wednesdays are now our day. If you miss hearing about what Buck Paradise is up to or need something to look forward to because my goodness bear season is too far away..we got you a journal entry!

Heck lets throw in an Instagram pic too. @buckparadise

Until next time...Becca

June 6, 2018 - Good Morning from Saskatchewan.  We have been enjoying much needed rain lately and yard is looking great and the fire band has been lifted.  Sorry it has taken so long to update the journal.  Grant and the boys are flat our cleaning  up equipment, getting ready to start spraying, checking crops,  picking rocks and rolling peas.  We have finished up a successful Spring Bear season.  Met wonderful people and was hard to say good bye to them both weeks.  Grant and Garet were flat out in the field trying to get crop in on time and learning new equipment so it was challenging and some sleepless nights but they got it done.    Ian, Terrance, Jared, Ray and Emalie took care of our Bear Hunters, also putting in long hours and all in all it was a very very busy, but fun month of May.   We are landscaping and getting yard in shape as well as building a garage on the house.   Grant is looking forward to his annual summer fishing trip to Alaska in July.  We will also be taking a trip to Minniapolis in August, so while I am working he can go visit some friends in the area.  

April 21/18 - Good morning everyone. I must be getting spring fever. Got up around 5:30 to watch the sun come up and I am so very lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the world. Bears are starting to wake up and the snow is melting fast and water is running like crazy into the river systems around us. Soon the North Saskatchewan will break up with all the water that is flowing into it and I am so excited to get the jet boat out there and do some exploring. Thinking of maybe even setting up a few baits with it this year. The boys and I have been busy getting equipment out and things ready for spring planting. Jared Hilmer arrived a week ago and Ian and him are chomping at the bit to go feed some bears. We hired a new guide (Terry) this fall and he will be here next week to start helping out where needed. The lodges are full this weekend with the Desilet crew. They are all getting together for Cousin Rolands Birthday. We had Mike our carpenter sand down all the floors in the big lodge and redid them with a epoxy. It looks awesome. Looks like a new building inside. The boys and I are dealing on possibly and new tractor and bigger air drill to help get the seed in the grou