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Great time! Great Food! Will Come Back! - Chuck Radcliff

We had a great time! Tremendous Operation. Thanks for the terrific hospitality. - Brian Sahr

Great time! Great Food! Great People! - Tom Clock

Great Food, Great People, Great Guides!  Awesome Buck! Thanks! - Chris Bradley

Get's no better! Hunting, food and the great people of Buck Paradise. Cant wait to come back! Jim Smith

Had a blast! Great Hunt! Thanks and we look forward to coming back. - Gil Gilmore

Good Food, Friends & Great Hunting - Rich Roberts

Really appreciated the hospitality, food and friendship. - Doug Roberts

Fantastic Hunting and Eating! - Bob Wrenn

Great fun and great people! Thank you - Michael Kohler

Thanks so much! - Keith Vanderburg

Thanks for a great hunt! - Rick Stevens

Fantastic Hunt! Best People Ever! - Darrell Narron

Great Place! Great People - Bill Hawkins

Grant, I would like to express my gratitude to you, Lana and your entire staff on our waterfowl hunt with Buck Paradise Outfitters.  Lana was so helpful in helping us work through the government requirements regarding covid entering and exiting Canada.  The guide, scout, accomodations, food and support were all first class.  your personal communication is polite and timely.  The entire staff are knowledgeable, have great work ethic and very personable.  Hunting was fantastic.  More birds that the five of us have ever seen.  Thanks again for the awesome experience.  We look forward to a return trip next season. - Vince Pizztola

Great trip, great people!  They were 'killable" - Aaron Barrett

Thank you Brandon for setting us up with Grant and Lana. We'll be back soon with lots more guys! - Steve and Stephen Phillips

Better than Ever!  Great Place - George Miller

Trip of a lifetime! Ryan Murphy

Fantastic Trip!! - Frank Leonardi

Thanks to everyone for a great and memorable experience! - Ned and Mary White

We had a wonderful time. - Carol and Ronnie Edmonds

Great fun, people and shooting! - Kurt Petersen

Awesome! Living the dream! - David Bastoni

Everything was above and beyond! - Robert Nooreen

Great waterfowl! 1st Beat! Awesome Food. Incredible Time - Brian Mikels

Best time I've had in a long time. - Charles Reilly

1st Bear! Great time, Great people - Sean Lett

Amazing atmosphere and hunt! - Suzanne Prescott

2nd time here and I love everything about it.  Like family and always a great time. - Hutley Sheppard

What an amazing first guided hunt! You broke the mold. Amazing. So grateful. Will be back - Eireann Rochefort

Incredible time had, what an experience.  Couldn't be a better bunch of people! - Jason Knight

I really have to stop using the "trip of a lifetime" line because it is literally every single time we come here. Another trip for the books! - JordanWalsh

Absolute blast. Will be back - Blair Kellington  

Incredible Time! Incredible Place! I felt like family. Thanks - Rick Austin

The experience was one in a lifetime.  World Class! - Matthew Germain

Another trip of a lifetime! Probably Best Ever BPO! - Jordan Walsh

Incredible! All of it! Thanks for Everything! - Jordan Eberle

An amazing experience.  Will be back for sure. - Dustin Eberle

Cannot wait to come back to the Disneyland for hunters! - Ben Dartnell 

This was one of the best damn weeks ever! - Brett Kissel

Another great trip to Buck Paradise! Great hunts! Great people and great fun!! - David Mancuso

Enjoyed every minute of it! - Keith Halstead

Outstanding hunting facility! - Claude Lachance

I always get treated better than I should!  Thanks to everyone at BP! - Murray Strepo

What an awesome place with great people and food!  and deer!  Thanks for sharing it with us and your hospitality! - Justin and Chasity Oakes

Awesome Time - 1st Class - I hope to be back - Bruce Delle 

Its My New Happy Place!  Great Job! - Bruce Chiaie

Awesome time - Ryan Fussell

Great Place - TonyThompson

 Awesome Place - Ryan Thompson

  Love you all Buck Paradise - Chad Belding

Fantastic place, Love Y'all. - Leith Loftin

Wow! Big Time - thank ya! - Deane Cheatham Oct, 2019

Love the Place! Love the People! Love the Birds! - Louise and Serge 

Buck Paradise has been on my bucket list for 15 years, finally made it! Best Waterfowl hunt of my life! Hope to come back for whitetail. - Adrian O. Spears

Awesome hunt, can't wait to come back! - Ty Chappell 

Great Hunts, Great Guides, Great Staff, Great Times! - Christopher Wilson

Had a great time, Thanks Grant. The staff was amazing! - Glen & Kelley Backherms Sept, 2019

Sharon and Noella were great. Ray is a good cook! - Dale Andrews

Great staff as always - Doug Hall

A great time once again, we will be back! - Brian Nutt

Great time, everyone was great! - Charles Robello Sept, 2019

First time here - Enjoyed every minute of our trip. Great Staff! - Jayson Brunstetter

Great People, Great Food, Great Hunting, A++ all around! - Everett & Jeremy Nuit Sept, 2019

Had a wonderful time! Everyone is Class A, #1! - John Perna Sept, 2019

 Beautiful! - Stewart Johnson

Thank you for everything! we really appreciate it! - Ceres Alberta Womens Fraternity. Jan, 2019

Wonderful Trip & Memories. Thank you for welcoming us! - Jennifer Ullaskah

Grant & Gang - Thanks again for a great time. Great People & Hunting! - Barry McNeill (Huck)

Great Time and can not wait to come back! - Aaron Henson

Great, Great Hunt! Fantastico! 5 Taco Star Rating!! - Hector Espinoza

Personal Best Buck!! Appreciate Y'all - Leif Barnes

Great Time! Special Place! - Charles Beauchamp

Ducks, Ducks and more Ducks! Thank You! - Deanne Cheatham 

Outstanding in every way! -Sid Martin 

Another Great trip and good times - ANd food :) Thank you Emalie and Ray. - Kristi and Rock Bordelon - Sept, 2018

Great Hunt! Great Hospitality! - Scott Bordelon - Sept 15,2018

Awesome Guides! Chef Ray is the Best! Loved Sweet Emalie - Guy and Lorraine St. Amant - June 2, 2018

Great time, Great people and a great experience! - Mark and Vicki Rau - June 2, 2018

Not enough words to explain how great this is!  - Rod and Teresa Bufton - June 1, 2018

Great hunt, food and entertainment. - Bill Dawson - June 1, 2018

Terrence did a great job. I learned a lot.  Food and accomodation are excellent. Met some wonderful folks. - Eddie Rispone - June 1, 2018

Had a great time. Thank you - Al Lusk - June 1, 2018

Great food, Great guides! Great bears! Thank you! - Kevin Rispone - June 1, 2018

Ray - you are the best! Thanks! - Lynn Peterson - Fall 2017

Amazing time! Tagged Out! Look forward to my return! - Milan Sistad - Fall 2017

Thanks for Everything!! See you soon! - Adam Peterson - Fall 2017

Great Experience! Great People! - Ty Weinhold - Fall 2017

Amazing! Spectacular! - Shane Needle - Fall 2017

Awesome Trip! Can't thank the whole crew enough.  Taking a deer of a lifetime home! - Brandon Young - Fall 2017

Trip of a Lifetime! - Patrick Needle - Fall 2017

Thanks it was a great time! - Ken Young - Nov 4, 2017

Had a fantastic time. Thank You! - Bob Balducci - Nov 4, 2017

Great Guides! Great Chef! Great People! Thank you! - Tim Hudson - Oct 22, 2017

Super Nice! Great hunt and staff - Thanks - John and Robin Lomonaco - Oct, 2017

Undescribable! - Bill Poole - Oct 12, 2017

Unbelievable! - Michael Griffin - Oct 12, 2017

Had a great time! - Russell Holmes - Oct 12, 2017

Great Experience! Good People! See ya Again! - Tom Blair - 2017

Top Notch Operation and even better folks!  John Paul Kilgore - 2017


You are first class my man! Your attention to detail left no stone unturned creating a magical father-son hunt. Alex
and I wish you continued success at Buck Paradise. I appreciate your friendship! LOVE YA MAN!!!
Alex and I already making plans for next year gonna bring some guys with us. Look forward to seeing
you again soon.
P.S. I apologize for leaving early. Had to get home see my daughter before she left town.
your friend always,

Just taking a moment to thank you for a great hunt last week. I appreciate all you Kyle, Skip, and the balance of the guides did to make our trip a memorable one. It was a very enjoyable week and I am looking forward to doing it again in the near future. Thanks again……………………………….Bucky

Is It Always Better the Second Time Around.

It was another season of falling leaves and cold nights; which signals all of the North American Whitetail Deer hunters to head for the woods. First hunt in Canada had arrived, and I was very fortunate to be able to return to the hunt with Grant Kuypers, a fantastic outfitter, and his professional crew. I questioned whether I should go again and incur the expense of a hunt when I could hunt right in my own back yard here in Wisconsin. Then remembering the massive bucks I had seen the year before, I decided life is too short and I could not miss it. In just a few days I had seen larger bucks than I had seen in 30 years of hunting in Wisconsin.

The time had soon arrived, and before I knew it I was off to the great province of Saskatchewan. With great anticipation I spent many sleepless nights dreaming of a majestic whitetail trophy. We had a superb fill rate the last season, and I knew that I had the good fortune of finding a great outfitter on my side. Although this didn’t guarantee I would find the buck I had dreamt of on those sleepless nights, it was confirmation that I was sure to enjoy the hunt.
On the first day by 9am I had seen six deer and two nice 130 class bucks. The second day I set-off with great anticipation to the stand, but had again returned that evening empty handed. Each day I had seen numerous deer and smaller bucks. But then, on Thursday, out of the mist came my 161 inch buck. I was as excited as Christmas morning of years gone by! Only a hunter can describe the emotions that you go through when you see a shooter buck. That alone got my heart pumping and I couldn’t wait to scream out with joy. What a fantastic hunt to start off my 2010 season!

You must go! For any hunter on the fence of indecision as to whether you should go on a great Saskatchewan hunt. This is it! I knew it would be a great experience but I never imagined it would be this easy. Yes, I said easy. Make a call, send a check, grab a flight. Take a beautiful drive from the airport into whitetail country and you are there! Hotel quality rooms with good old Canadian hospitality. Good food, great people, and lots of deer! These guides are experts; they know their stuff and are they serious hunters. I have been hunting for 30 years so it takes a lot to impress me, and these guys did! As with any hunt there are never guarantees, but during the two years I have been at Buck Paradise everyone at camp filled up with nice bucks. I highly recommend that you finally get enough courage to treat yourself to a big game professional hunt. Once you experience a hunt like this you will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

See you at Buck Paradise in 2011!
Bryan K Schultz 920-362-9033

I just wanted to take a second to personally thank you and your staff of one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have been on a couple of hunts with different outfitters in the US and have had some complaints with my experiences, mostly minor ones though. However, I have no complaints whatsoever with your outfit. Everything was wonderful. I appreciate you all taking the six of us in and treating us just like we were part of the family. Cory and Kevin are awesome guides and also a lot of fun to be around. Both of them worked really hard to find the deer that were not moving last week. Colleen and Marty definitely did not let us go hungry either. The facility and accommodations exceeded all of my expectations. I feel like I not only wen on a hunt of my lifetime, but more importantly me some genuine people and made some good friends. thanks again for the awesome experience!!!! I will be back the first chance that I get, I told my wife that I wanted to move the family up there and she looked at me like I was crazy, and replied, "it sure is cold up there."

Oh, I got a sweatshirt for the heater that I left. I did not get the second one though because i needed a medium in that one.

Chris Smith

Hi Grant,
I've been very busy and haven't had an opportunity to drop you a line until now. I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed my muzzle loader hunt last month. Sheldon is a excellent guide and a even better person... as is Kyle. Very top notch operation. I would like to make this an annual event and will be contacting you soon to attempt to setup a trip for next year. Hopefully you have a good rifle season.

Talk to you soon,
Jim Sonntag

We made it home about 1:30 this morning. I enjoyed our goose and duck hunting trip to Paradise. I am ready to come back tomorrow, but I don't think my wife would appreciate. You have a wonderful place. I hope you know how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place. I have tried to describe the trip, but you have to experience it to understand it. Words and pictures can't begin to describe the atmosphere at Buck Paradise, the crew is awesome. We weren't checked at the border, but I guess it's better safe than sorry. I don't know if we will be back next year, but we will be back.

Michael A. Berry

We made it back late last night, but on schedule. We are both back at our normal routine today. I wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to hunting geese and ducks with you guys in the future. All of the guys you have there are good people. We really felt like we clicked well with the entire staff, Chad and Clay. They all made the trip not only a great hunt, but a really fun time away from the field. Hope you guys have good hunting for the remainder of the season. Thanks for every thing.

 Jamie Henley  

I wanted to thank you for a fabulous week of hunting. Each day was a great experience. The guides, Brandon, Sheldon, Kevin, Jason, Cory and of course you were great hosts! Colleen's cooking was excellent and the facilities are great. Please tell everyone "Thanks" for me. There is nothing like seeing those bears come walking out of the shadows. It is awesome! I can't wait till next year! Speaking of next year,  please send me a contract for next year's hunt.   I am coming back for the monster bear!  As a matter of fact, I want to book two spots for the 2008 season![ Good luck  to the rest of your hunters this year. I hope you have a great Duck and Goose, and  Whitetail seasons as well!   If you have anyone that wants to know about what Buck Paradise offers,  tell them to call me. They won't be disappointed! God's blessings to you and your family.

Stuart Moehlman

Hello Grant,
I hope all is well with your family. I am sorry to hear about Mark leaving, he is a good man and will be missed. Please convey my congratulations to him and good luck. Grant, this being my fourth year hunting with your outfit, I have seen great bucks and have taken a few of them scoring over 170 points, which makes the hunter area super. What stands out for me is how the living accommodations are clean (I can only talk for Paradise Hill where I hunt), the food is terrific, but mostly on how all the guides take care of you with kit gloves. What is most striking is that the guides, even if he is not yours for the hunt, will help you out with pleasure. If your guide is out of reach of the radio and one of the others hears you, they will always offer assistance without hesitation. This happened to me and my buddies a few times, especially when your guide is busy pulling huts. Help is always there. Good bunch of men you have. Well, can't wait for next year, except for the fact we'll all be one year older. Please convey my wishes for the holidays to everyone, and hope to see you all in health next year.

Frank Di Blasio

Just wanted to thank you guys for making our first trip to Canada a great experience. We had a wonderful time and are already planning for next year. The guys at beatty camp are great! They really seem to care about every hunter having a good time they don't act like its just a job. Doug does a great job keeping things running smooth and Al makes sure no one loses any weight. Bob really worked hard to make sure we had every chance to take a good buck. We had a great time hanging with Bob and Brandon GREAT GUYS!!! See ya next year.

The Whiting's

I just wanted to send you an email and say thank you and your staff for an awesome time while I was there. What a year you guys had and I know it will get better every year. I am putting together a group of about five guys to come up and shoot some geese. I would really like to have Brandon as our guide if possible. He is one cool dude. Let me know if you want me to come up a week earlier for deer season to help out with equipment maintenance. I could room with you and Brandon in the presidential suite. Look forward to seeing you guys next year.

Kevin Rusk

Dear Grant,
Wanted to thank you again for another great year at Buck Paradise. Better than ever!! I've been telling my members about you and Buck Paradise, and several are interested in the waterfowl hunting. If you would please send me some brochures and any other info you have, I would appreciate it. Again, thanks for a great time and the best to you and your family for the happiest of Holidays.

Gary Hall

I want to tell you what a wonderful time we had hunting with you guys at Buck Paradise. You run a very professional operation, my dad is still excited about the deer he got! Looking forward to next year!!


Just wanted to say thanks - we had a great time!Thanks again to Bob. Great guy and a hell of a hard worker. Also, to Kyle and Dougie and all the others that were more than willing to lend a hand whenever they could. No one probably told you, but Reggie offered that Bob could take me to one of his tree stands where a nice buck had been seen since he had no more guys coming that would sit in a tree stand, which he definitely didn't have to do, but shows how your guys want to put every on as good of deer that they can. I think Bob was just as excited as I was when I got my buck. Already looking forward to '08, trying to get my buddy to come up with his dad as well. We will send in our deposits for that last week soon. Good luck with the rest of the season. We also may be in contact about a duck/goose hunt - we are going back to Nebraska this year, but looking for something different so sure our crew will talk about that when we're up in Nebraska in Jan. Bob showed us that Zink video, it looks amazing. Well, I am off to the taxidermist. Take care.

Thanks again,