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Buck Paradise Journal

September 19th, 2018 - Good Morning everyone,

It was a great but tough week out in the field. We got some amazing birds throughout this week such great hunts. The tough part was for our guides and this damn cold weather. It has been raining then freezing at night, therefore, the guides have had some messy morning setting up and cleaning up. Still to the weather at their disadvantaged our guides managed to pull through with some amazing morning and afternoon hunts. Great job boys!

We had Earl Bentz once again in camp this week with a big crew of nine men. So many laughs and great stories with them. We also had Daniel and Tom in camp as a group of two from Jacksonville, Illinois, they have been having a great time here exploring all our little shops around the yard and even in PHill filled with lots of stories and memories. Always so great seeing the familiar faces again and getting to know the new ones. Safe travels guys! Can't wait to have you guys come back sometime soon.

Did I ever tell you guys the story of our missing sign and how I "conveniently" found it through my snapchat stories?

Well, I was living in Lloyd at the time not doing much on a Thursday evening, and of course, scrolling through my social media accounts & one of those being my Snapchat account. Clicking away through my Snapchat stories not paying much attention until I see our "BUCK PARADISE OUTFITTERS" sign on one of my Snapchat friends stories with the simple caption as "Anyone wanna party with our new sign." Well, this smart individual seemed to forget that I was very closely connected to the Kuypers family otherwise known as the Buck Paradise Outfitters group.
I instantly am fired up with adrenaline so I take a screenshot of this guy snapchat and send it to our family group chat, "Anyone missing a sign?" and then the night begins...Our family group chat starts going off with "Where is this?" "Who is this?" and lastly "Becca you need to go get our sign back."
Now with the help of Grant, Lana, Ian, Emaile & Garet fueling me up with their adrenaline, my blood was boiling. Little me was definitely up for the task, but not without some backup. When I say back up I mean strong young 20-year-old boys. I call up my good friend Paige to see what her boyfriend Keenan was up to and if he would be willing to help me out, conveniently Keenan was right beside her when I made this call with all his power engineering buddies having some drinks after class. So now instead of just a few of these young boys, I got a whole truckload. I head across town to pick up all the boys and of course Paige my right-hand girlfriend. Now its time to track down this guy with our sign. All of us in the truck are pretty pumped up that we're gonna get this sign back and revved up too because who the heck steals a sign. And Let's get the facts straight about this sign before the ending of the story comes, this sign is the one at the east side of the highway right before our turn off, a great mark in the road to know when your next turn is coming up. This sign was bolted into the fence with 8 huge screws, this sign was huge and was 45 minutes from Lloydminster where it ended up with this guy. To say the least, it was hard to even think how someone would take that much time and effort just to say they stole this sign.

So we finally get to this guys place, all the boys jump out of the truck waiting for the sign to come out. The house was dark no sign of any type of party going on. This guy gets our big ole sign out of his house places it in front of us and then heads back inside. Done deal? We all thought this was gonna be a big task and especially expecting to crash a party from the Snapchat of our sign. I'll never know but let's just say this guy knew I would have some backup and the good backup at that. Who knows, all I know is it worked and the whole family is pretty blessed to have friends that would help us out not even knowing the outcome.

This night I will probably always remember, it was so heated but so hilarious considering how easily we got it back. I distinctly remember going through my snapchat friends a few weeks prior and deleting lots of people and I was about to delete our sign stealer but my gut instinct was to let him stay as a Snapchat friend and I now know why it was important to keep him on.

What a story. Our famous sign is sitting in our shop & you can still see the marks and bolt holes from the night of the sign stealer.

Hope you enjoyed that story, I sure do love telling it.

Talk soon,

September 12th, 2018 - Good Afternoon everyone,

The weather has been great until today, rain rain and more rain. We have got some warning of snow too! We are praying that snow stays away. We need to get some good weather for our harvest season. Our swathing is all done as Garet finished the last field on Monday night, we are all ready with our equipment to be able to start getting those fields off & in the bins but we just need a few more days for everything to be ready in the fields.

Renovations are going well! The painting is almost all done so we are slowly getting the feeling of the new addition day by day. It is going to be so great for our family get-togethers.

Lana is off in California for a business trip but she will be back Friday. And like always she got everything ready for us this week making sure everyone was on schedule and ready for another busy week. So grateful to have our hardworking women to keep us all grounded and prepared around here. Thanks a million, Mama.

Today we said our goodbyes to the Gwell group and the Mossy Oak crew. Thank you guys for an amazing few days of hunting, Grant even got a chance to come out two mornings with Maverick and they both had a great time. Photos are up for this week of waterfowl hunting!

Hope all is well with everyone and safe travels to all our hunters coming up today and this week. We can't wait to see you all very soon.

Talk soon,


Septemeber 10th, 2018 - Good Morning everyone,

Our Namay group has left us this morning, they were great to have around once again. What a great family trip, very happy they choose to come here to spend it! See you guys sometime soon & safe travels!
Has anyone seen the Waterfowl photos yet? Pretty nice hey? Dub & Jared whipped up a homemade goose & duck display right before opening day, they even went in the lake to get some cattails to make the display look a little more rustic. Great job boys!

I was on an adventure with Maverick trying to get some photos from around the farm and I finally went into our "Shed Antler Shed" I still can not believe all the goodies in there, so many species of every age group. I'm now on a mission to clean it up and get it a little more organized. It will be great for another photo display area coming this November. If you haven't checked it out please do when you come by! & for those who aren't booked for this year to check it out ill take some photos once I'm all done with it!

Talk soon,

September 9th, 2018 - Good Morning everyone!

Opening week has been a successful one here at camp. We have limited out on our waterfowl morning hunts some lasting only 30 minutes. Beautiful black bear has been tagged out also. Check out our photos to see!

Last night the boys got done our new deck. After the afternoon duck hunt, we all came back to some cocktails on the deck enjoying the beautiful new view of the cabins and pea fields. Our groups have been nothing less than fantastic as always. Phill, Gene, Kevin, Scott, and Melissa left us this week it was awesome to catch up for a visit with them before they said their goodbyes. We have just the Namays group in camp this weekend which has been great, They requested French toast for their Sunday breakfast after waterfowl hunting and they received. Raymond did a great job on that. Tonight the Mossy Oak group will be arriving! & tomorrow an old friend Paul Stanley will be coming down too.

Safe travels to all, and see you very soon!

Talk soon,

September 5th, 2018 - Good afternoon everyone!

It is finally September, which means its hunting time. We have bear and waterfowl hunters in camp in this week, everyone arrived on Sunday, September 2nd & they are all having a trip of a lifetime! Time to catch up on a few things,

 We always try and improve all the different aspects here around the farm and business.  Our goal is to give all the hunters a better experience every time they come out.

 Let's talk about all the changes we are slowly putting into place.

 Scheduling. If you know Grant then you might know how easily he will last minute book someone, in that he might just accidentally forget to tell all the staff. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because honestly everything always ends up running smoothly, but it's just a nice little reminder to know who is coming and going a few weeks/days in advance of the schedule. 

I’ll take you back to a few years ago when I was working here as a cleaning staff. I remember Grant specifically telling me that the last week of Whitetail no one was booked therefore I would be able to finish one-week earlier than expected. When the last set of Whitetail hunters were saying their goodbyes I got a text message from Grant "Hey Becca, change of plans we are having 5 hunters in camp next week." Okay, so this was a completely fine text message for me to receive I mean some extra cash would be perfect before Christmas vacation, but let's not leave out that our cook Monica was leaving the day I received this message. I was now a cleaner and cook for 5 hunters and 4 staff. I must say yes of course back then it might have been a big stressor for me but like all out of comfort zone situations, it made me a better person, worker and I would say a better cook too. Oh and hey Grant I still do appreciate that you thought my hotdogs and KD I whipped up for the Kuypers family back when I was 15 at the lake made the cut to be able to change my menu to full course meals three times a day here at camp. Sign me up for Master Chef Canada.

 Now in present time, Lana has made us all a huge excel spreadsheet that is up to date daily on all the staff and hunters coming and going from camp. This is like gold to all of our staff in my opinion, but let's just hope spreadsheets don’t forget to mention things..


Merchandise Inventory! We have finally got an area where all the merchandise can be; we call it our little shopping store. Emalie is in charge of what comes and goes in the store. She has made the merchandise her own, everything is always organized and she knows the price/size of each and every item. I don't know where we would be without her around. Our merchandise has definitely grown exceptionally ever since we hired Katie a few years back. Grant would have lots on his plate and just to be able to give a job to someone else would save him so much time, one job is merchandise shopping. Katie took this job into her hands by ordering all kinds of new things. Kids clothes, mugs, coolers, backpacks, mini stickers, and even some stuffed up animals that read "Buck Paradise Outfitters”. As much as we love our Katie and all these neat little merchandise items we are still trying to figure out how we still come across boxes full of stuffed up animals. Finally, you guessed it another excel spreadsheet made up by Lana has come alive with every single piece of inventory we receive and sell. This will finally keep us up to date on what not to order & what to order, and how much we have of each item. I'm not even lying this spreadsheet says 80+ for stuffed up animals, & Katie ordered these back in 2015. Thank goodness for spreadsheets.


Before I let you guys go we are celebrating Grants brother Deans birthday today! He is the one behind all the building at our house from the basement to the deck alongside his buddy Milton. He has been so much help and it has been great to have him around. Happy Birthday, Dean!!

Talk soon,




August 29, 2018 - Good afternoon everyone!

Okay so we did the unthinkable, we surprised Grant! but not just with anything, we surprised him with a shop full of his closest friends and family, a live band and amazing food to celebrate his big 50th birthday!

So our favorite guy Grant Kuypers turns 50 coming up soon here on September 4th. With all the craziness that happens at the farm during September from our harvest to our waterfowl hunting, Grant hasn't celebrated his birthday with his friends and family for many years. Usually, he's in the tractor or in the office. Don't get me wrong Grant loves to do those two things but for this birthday Lana decided he needed a night to relax and have some fun with his favorite people.

Lana started planning for his big surprise party back in May, she made the list of what she thinks he would want and who would be attending. Before we knew it the band was booked, the caters were given the menu, and the guests were setting the date in their schedule. The biggest and hardest part about this whole plan was trying not to tell Grant. We emphasized to everyone that it is a "SURPRISE" party. Thankfully everyone was very understanding of that and no one spilled the tea to the big guy.

The party day arrived and we needed to get Grant away from the farm so we could all set up. Lana decided to have a Lloyd day with Grant which was perfect because it would keep him away for the whole day. Their plan was to be back at the shop for 7:30, and our guests were set to arrive at 7:00. Everything was set up, the band was on their way and the catering staff was in the little cabin organizing the food. There was just one small but very big problem going on..the power was out. I believe it was due to a pole that caught on fire somewhere between Spiritwood in Edam, it took the power from there all the way to our farm. I started lighting all the candles we could find for the shop to make sure there was enough light (really we were just trying to reevaluate the situation to try & do what would work the fastest and most efficient) Thankfully at 6:30 the lights and all the power had come on. Hallelujah. Grant late father Leonard was definitely helping us out with that one from up above. Thanks, Leonard. Everyone piled into the shop right as 7 hit it was like magic, truck after truck, trailer after trailer full of people all coming into the shop to all settle in for the big surprise happening very soon. Grant and Lana arrived right on the dot...SURPRISE!! Grant smiling ear to ear and Lana hugging him. We got him! All the guests cheering on the man of the night. What a rush, months of planning and keeping a secret from Grant was so tough. We learned soon after he got into the shop that when he got out of the truck (he was blindfolded) he heard all the giggling and chatting away from the outside of the shop and he knew something was up. Got him till the last possible second works for us. We still pulled it off.

The night was just beginning. If you aren't aware Grants birthday is a day before his younger brother Deans birthday as well, also Grant & Deans Mothers birthday lands on September 8th, So we had not just one birthday to recognize but 3! My grandparents (Lanas Mom & Dad) were celebrating their 51st anniversary as well that week. So with three birthdays and one anniversary, there was lots of celebrating to be done. The night was perfect and just what Grant never knew he needed. Family and friends from all over came down to celebrate the big day. The band was an absolute hit! They played the new and the old songs getting everyone dancing. The catering was delicious, from the salads to the desserts. But the best part of it all was the company.

To sit back & witness this whole night unfold was very memorable to see what an impact a small town farmer can make in this little world. Grant is the busiest, most hardworking, and the humblest guy I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have witnessed him on his most stressful days somehow always finding a way to have a great attitude & always helping out a friend in need. He is just always there for people, even with his endless support to our community of Paradise Hill always lending a hand and any type of equipment to make sure the day can go as smooth and fun as possible for everyone involved. He lives every day to the fullest making sure everyone around him is happy and appreciated, so we are all so damn happy we could give him a night where it's him getting all the appreciation and love he deserves. This was a night for the books for sure,

Lastly we would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone that was involved in making this day finally become a reality, to everyone who brought gifts and snacks for the guests and family, The band, photograther and catering for doing an amazing job we still haven't heard the end of the compliments from their amazing work. It is truly amazing what can happen when everyone comes together for one person just to make them feel some extra love & appreciation on their birthday.

Oh and don't worry everyone there will be photos from this night to follow...

Talk soon,


August 22, Good afternoon everyone!

This week has been crazy around the farm. Our renovations have been coming along very fast with everyone lending a hand and working extra long hours to try and get as much done as possible before our first set of hunters come to camp starting September 1st. With all the hustle around the renovations & our harvest.. my goodness, I still have no idea how Grant sleeps at night with all the stuff going on around the farm. Thank god he has Lana to ground him & get him back in his right mind to get all the jobs done.

One day we were all somewhere around the farm cleaning up the yard. Garet, Ian & I were all hauling our old corrals into the dump. Emaile was setting up new beds in the shop for our guides and a new laundry room
( That's right Jared will be able to wear his Goose PJS every day with the laundry room being at full access), & Lana was hauling rocks to our new path that will be a direct route from the cabins right to the Just One More bar. Hmm, now who are we missing... Grant! Well, Grant, he was out on the East side of the farm cleaning up all the steel and metal laying around the back shop. And of course, he has his right-hand man Maverick right beside him. Grant simply just trying to get everything done to the best of his ability and Maverick just trying to be as close as possible to Grant this is where an almost mishap will occur. Well, Grant goes to take the long metal tubing to move to the right side pile and Maverick still gazing at Grant does not see this damn metal piece coming right toward his prized leg. Grant yells out "MAVERICK MOVE!" Thank the lord it just missed his bone, Mav now has a little red spot that took off some of his hair on his front right leg. Now no one needs to worry our Maverick is still happy as ever & hasn't skipped a beat..but my goodness that is just what we need our retriever dog gets a broken leg right before waterfowl?? No thanks! We all have some angels watching over us and I'm so thankful Mavericks were right by his side that day.

Hope all is well, I miss you all!

Talk soon,


August 15, 2018 - Good afternoon everyone! It has been a long time...We have had a very busy yet amazing summer, but its almost time for harvest and our Waterfowl season to officially begin so lets catch up! 

Grant and Lana have been working extra hard on our renovations to the farmhouse, with adding on a garage & sunroom that will soon be ready for siding and flooring. Garet and Ian are busy hauling grain and getting everything ready for the beginning of harvest which will be here before we know it. Emaile has been busy keeping up with all the movement throughout the cabins this summer. We have hosted a wedding, reunions, bands and many different retreats out at the lodges. SO blessed everyone around us can feel at home and relax at our lodges. We can't forget to let everyone know the big news of Ian & Emalie bringing us a new little addition to the family this year! She is about 10 pounds, has long dark hair, & never without a little smile on her face. She is a miniature schnauzer and her name is Bella. Yes, Bella is a dog no human babies yet don't get too excited now, but now that were on the topic of dogs we need to talk about our Maverick. Mav has been working hard by retrieving everything he finds laying around the yard, & yes a retrieving dog and renovations do not mix so you can just imagine what he brings back to you. Myself you ask?? I have just started my job at the Village office in Paradise Hill which has been keeping me busy learning all the new things that come with a new job and meeting so many people. I love it! Wednesdays the office is closed so it finally gives me a full day to be completely dedicated to the Buck Paradise social media accounts and of course all the Buck Paradise family. So yes that means you will not have to wait for 2...4.... or even 8 months for a journal entry. I will at least give you one journal entry a week, so my audience, Wednesdays are now our day. If you miss hearing about what Buck Paradise is up to or need something to look forward to because my goodness bear season is too far away..we got you a journal entry!

Heck lets throw in an Instagram pic too. @buckparadise

Until next time...Becca

June 6, 2018 - Good Morning from Saskatchewan.  We have been enjoying much needed rain lately and yard is looking great and the fire band has been lifted.  Sorry it has taken so long to update the journal.  Grant and the boys are flat our cleaning  up equipment, getting ready to start spraying, checking crops,  picking rocks and rolling peas.  We have finished up a successful Spring Bear season.  Met wonderful people and was hard to say good bye to them both weeks.  Grant and Garet were flat out in the field trying to get crop in on time and learning new equipment so it was challenging and some sleepless nights but they got it done.    Ian, Terrance, Jared, Ray and Emalie took care of our Bear Hunters, also putting in long hours and all in all it was a very very busy, but fun month of May.   We are landscaping and getting yard in shape as well as building a garage on the house.   Grant is looking forward to his annual summer fishing trip to Alaska in July.  We will also be taking a trip to Minniapolis in August, so while I am working he can go visit some friends in the area.  

April 21/18 - Good morning everyone. I must be getting spring fever. Got up around 5:30 to watch the sun come up and I am so very lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the world. Bears are starting to wake up and the snow is melting fast and water is running like crazy into the river systems around us. Soon the North Saskatchewan will break up with all the water that is flowing into it and I am so excited to get the jet boat out there and do some exploring. Thinking of maybe even setting up a few baits with it this year. The boys and I have been busy getting equipment out and things ready for spring planting. Jared Hilmer arrived a week ago and Ian and him are chomping at the bit to go feed some bears. We hired a new guide (Terry) this fall and he will be here next week to start helping out where needed. The lodges are full this weekend with the Desilet crew. They are all getting together for Cousin Rolands Birthday. We had Mike our carpenter sand down all the floors in the big lodge and redid them with a epoxy. It looks awesome. Looks like a new building inside. The boys and I are dealing on possibly and new tractor and bigger air drill to help get the seed in the ground a little quicker this spring. Just finished paying the one we have off so might as well start again :) Our old drill has done a good job for us but we are looking forward to upgrading it. The past couple days have been so nice and sunny. Sure is good to get outside and do some work. Lana has been super busy with her job as usual, plus moving all of the rest of her and Becca stuff to the farm from Lloyd she has been super busy. Garet is all settled into his new house. Lana and Emily and Becca all helped with painting and Ian and Garet and I redid all the flooring upstairs. He is fully furnished and is loving his own home. He has a renter staying there with him to help offset the monthly mortgage so all is good. Ian and Emily are settled back into a daily routine from there awesome adventure they were on in February and March. Lana and I might go side by siding this afternoon with some friends and cook up a sausage and enjoy mother nature. Thank you Mother nature for finally warming up:) Take care everyone. Chat soon and if you want to come see us we still have some bear hunt opening for the week of June 4-9.


April 11/18 - How is everyone doing? We are fine at Buck Paradise. We are ready for spring to come but it seems to be taking its sweet time. Not hard on the deer or anything just doesnt want to melt off. Looking to be a later seeding start than we like but you can never really argue with Mother Nature. I am down in Georgia with Lana this week. We are in Savannagh and the history is pretty neat and weather is pretty darn nice to. Great food and hospitality. Lana has been busy with work and I have been to with my computer in the room during the day. I have been watching Ritchie Bros auction sales as there a few things I am looking for great deals on. Sometimes you get them but most of the time those sales sell pretty good. The boys and Emalie are busy back at the farm. Fertilizer and Chemical and seed are being delivered to the farm and they are busy cleaning and getting equipment ready. Our bookings have been going very well. We still have a few Whitetail deer hunts available. My Buck Paradise home camp is pretty much full for Waterfowl but I still have room at Barcleys camp across the river. It is a great set up that is run under me. Great for groups of 5-7. So if you are interested in killing a lot of geese and ducks get a hold of me and I will set you up. We had a great time in Louisianna last month and big thanks to all our friends there who took great care of us. Tommy Barber and his crew went out of there way to help us at the show and were the best hosts. We also visited our good friends Jacob & Troy Landry and there families for an awesome crawfish boil. Sure wish we could get fresh crawfish up in Sask. Other than that Lana nad I have been busy with work between her ashpalt dealings all over and me working on farm and outfitting things there never seems to be much down time. Becca is still busy at school and is working parttime now and doing great. She is doing a great job keeping everyone up to date on our instagram & Facebook page also. Well, Lana is headed off to another meeting. I am going to go find a place where the bluejays game is on and maybe have a cold one and enjoy. Bluejays are having a great start and I am sure enjoying watching them when I can. Take care all. Talk soon.

P.S I forgot to tell you all we are doing more renovations in the lodge. Our carpenter Mike is busy sanding down all the hard wood floors in the big lodge. He then will be applying a epoxy to make it look vibrant and new looking again. Going to be awesome.


March 01/18 - Hello Everyone. Hope you are all having a great winter. Here are a few events coming up that we will be attending. More info on our upcoming events link as well. We will be attending the Tommy Goldsby Wild Game Dinner & Fundraiser Saturday March 10/18. We will have a booth there and will be promoting Buck Paradise that evening during the event. We have donated many hunts to this Fundraiser helping create a lot of money that will help many kids be able to further there educational dreams. After that we will be in Miami for a few days with Lana's work. I plan to meet up with some clients from down there and maybe catch a spring training Blue Jays game. We then Leave for Gonzales, Louisiana to the Louisiana Sportsman Show & festival. March 15-18 are the dates for that. Come see us if you are around. I will post more info on our booth number & area when we receive it. I was late booking this but I have some friends that pulles some strings and got us in there. Been a great winter. I would say average for the deer and they are doing just fine again. Finding a few sheds around the yard. Been travelling quite a bit with Lana and her work and the winter seems to be going by fast. Hope to see some of you at the shows  we will be attending above.


November 14/17 - Good morning. Grant here this morning. Just had a few minutes to post before I had to Looyd for a Dr. Appt. Nothing serious, just maintenance :) Sunday we saw 11 new hunters arrive into camp. Tommy Barber who joined us for a waterfowl hunt this past fall brought 7 of his good friends with him this year. A few of them hunted with me when I had the Green Lake camp and it was sure good to have them back in camp here now at Paradise Hill. No deer shot yesterday and we are hoping today that the big boys start moving a little better for us. I feel we are in the rut. Is it the peak?? Not sure. It started early this year as guys were seeing bucks chasing and i noticed the same around the farm here to. Weather is good. Not to cold, not to warm, bush is freezing up nicely and the guides are able to get around decent with out falling through the sloughs or muskegs to get to there spots. There is a few inches of snow on the ground so its pretty good hunting as far as the weather is going. I had to gravel the end of the road yesterday. Jared one of our guides had a small accident as he was leaving with his hunters yesterday AM as at the end of our driveway is a little icy with the little bet of snow he didnt quite make the corner. His truck and trailer were all good but his 4-wheeler did not fair well with the tree it hit. Bout $1500.00 in damage, mostly all plastic but it is still rolling along. Never a dull moment... When I get back this afternoon from Lloyd i have to head into town to the seed cleaning plant to pick up seed wheat for next spring. We loaded 2 semi B trains of peas last night and they are on there way to Cut Knife Saskatchewan this morning to be sold. One more load of them and we will be out. We will be hauling more canola tomorrow to Marshall and by the end of the week we should not have much of that left either. Then I have some oats and peas to mix up for deer feed and bin up. Enough to finish this year and next. So thats whats a happening at Buck Paradise. Hopefully some big bucks will hit the ground today and we can get them posted in the photo gallery. We still have a few bucks that need to be posted on that gallery from the past couple weeks and that will be getting done this afternoon also from Becca. Have a great day everyone.


November 12/17 - Big thanks to all our Veterans out there as yesterday was Rememberance day. Thank you.
Grant here. Thank you also to Becca for doing a wonderful job with this website and Instagram and updating our face book page through out this busy November season. I have been moving a lot of grain the past few weeks. It was a late harvest and the grain came in a little tough, so I am getting rid of it instead of risking a bin heating on us and loosing a lot of money. I wont have much grain left by the end of next week and that is a good feeling. We have a up and down season so far. Our first group of hunters including the Mossy Oak crew and Melissa Bachman was warm and deer movement was slow. One of the Mossy Oak hunters connected on a nice 10 pointer the 4th day of his hunt. Rusty Mcdaniels is going to come back the end of the season to try to make it happen. Our 2nd week started off awesome with Ken Young Knocking down and 160 inch deer on the first morning of his hunt. Garet was his guide. Then some awesome bucks that you have all seen on our gallery or social media where taken that week with a 170 inch 10 point taken on Friday by Brandon Young, Kens son. Was a great week and we were excited to keep rolling. Well the rut kicked in early this year it seems and bucks were chasing and the baits kind of slowed down. On Thursday Big Al Thomas knocked down an impressive 8 point. Pics on the Gallery. Please make sure to like our face book page under Buck Paradise Outfitters and please follow us on Instagram also under Buckparadise as again Becca is doing a great job on that. Ian is also a admin on the Buck Paradise page and he always has good pics to share of our beautiful Sask nature. Follow Ian & Garet and Jared and Corey on Snapchat as they have some fun posts on there. I have a good story that made me honestly LOL this morning. One of our hunters Rob Leohnard hunted with us last week. He sat 6 days and seen some good bucks but nothing that interested him in pulling the trigger. Anyways as for all my customers I make them the option to come back late in the season as we have room then to come back and try and fill there tags. So this morning Rob text me and here is what he said "Grant, Please tell Corey to keep tabs on the wide 8pt. I'll come back! Thanks again for everything. Time to head to church wih the family. Corey is fantastic and so is your operation. Enjoy your Family. Robb."    I replied "Thank you Rob, I am glad you are coming back". Robb replied - You might laugh but I had to make a deal with my saint of a wife. I finally agreed to a vasectomy ;) I had an appointment 3 years ago but a huge snowstorm cancelled the appointment and I never went back. So I guess now is the time. LOL. What a guy will do to go hunting"    WELL I did LOL when i read this and ask Robb if I could post this and he said giver... It is true. What a guy will do to go hunting. I love it..... Well Garet just walked in and is grabbing the last of my SD cards. Hey if anyone of my hunters coming up can find some 4GB SD cards, I need 20. Text me if you can find some please. Thank you. Take care all and happy Sunday. GO RIDERS. We have a big crew coming in today. Chat later.


November 8th

Hello all! How is November treating everyone? It has been so busy around here but we always love that. Lana is off to the States once again this week and will be back this weekend to give some attention to Grant and I.

A little inside knowledge here...Lana likes me better. ;) We can not wait for her to come home.

Now lets talk about..
Raymond Duddy our amazing cook!
This is Rays first year at Buck Paradise Outfitters
Ray started at Buck Paradise Sept 01/2017. He was referred by a close friend Taylor Mills. Taylor works at a Northern Sask Fishing camp and Ray has been cooking at that camp (Hatchet Lake Lodge) for many years. Taylor reached out to Grant in early July to see if we needed a cook for the fall. Our old cook retired so the timing was perfect. Ray has been a chef most of his life. He knows how to cook for huge groups and there is NEVER a shortage of food. Even when Grant brings the custom truck drivers and odd friends in for supper, Ray is prepared… Rays cooking is awesome. Everything is good and healthy. Well, his cinnamon buns and chocolate chip cookies and homemade bread are awesome but not sure the “health” word should go with that. But the clients love it. Ray is a quiet, hardworking man and we are excited to have Ray come back for many years if he wishes to do so. We will do our best to make that happen. Ray got in on some goose hunts this fall and enjoyed it very much. His home residence is Regina, SK. We can not thank Ray enough for his hard work for Buck Paradise. Even when things get slow in the lodge and his kitchen you will find him out at the shop helping the guides clean or cut up some meat and makes some of the best Jerky you can imagine. Thanks Ray for all your hard work. & Welcome to the family.

Talk soon. Hope all is well.

November 7th

Good morning everyone! Gosh are the days so cold around here, us Canadians are slowly growing into the Winter season.

 I have been so busy with school and work I haven't got out to the farm just yet. I hopefully will be there this weekend and get caught up in all the stories.

Now let's talk about one of my favorites here at Buck Paradise Outiffters.

Corey Jenkins, I remember the first time I met Corey I was only 15 years old and felt so out of place at a hunting camp. He was so kind and welcoming to me it instantly felt like home. Thanks for everything Corey it truly means the world to little me.

Corey moved to Saskatchewan, Canada approximately 23 years ago from New Zealand. About after 3 years of working odd jobs, he came over with Grants uncle Floyd for a visit to Buck Paradise Outfitters. He showed great interest in becoming a guide and Grant hired him on the spot. Corey has been with Buck Paradise for about 19 years pretty much since Grant started Buck Paradise Outfitters. Corey started full time with Grant and the boys the past 4 years till this past August he has decided to get his hours in at a registered Mechanic dealership so that he could get his Journeyman Mechanic papers and start his own business. Corey takes time off of his busy schedule to do the passion of his life and that is to guide. Especially Whitetail Deer. Corey has gained more trust than you can imagine from clients that have hunted with him. Corey usually is booked with the same hunters year after year as they request “Corey” as their guide. Corey is so mechanically inclined and can fix anything. Corey has one daughter Sidney who he loves to spend time with, showing her the way of the woods and outdoors. He sure does love his little Sidney, the outdoors, and his clients. We are very lucky to have Corey at Buck Paradise. He is a huge asset is an understatement. Even on my worst days Corey always is there to give me a hug and a smile. We are so incredibly grateful to have Corey apart of our family.

Talk soon everyone, Hope all is well.


November 6th
Daylight saving time has happened, and now Alberta is an hour earlier than Saskatchewan. So as I sit in class at 11:00, all the crew at Buck Paradise would be settling down for lunch since it would be an hour ahead of Alberta sitting at 12:00.

One of our most dedicated workers is our guy Jared.

Jared Hillmer was born April 29, 1995. Jared grew up in Claresholm, Alberta. He graduated high school and then went to post-secondary trade school for welding. Jared is extremely talented in this field. If you get the chance make sure you ask to see all the beautiful custom work he as done. Jared started at Buck Paradise Outfitters in June of 2015. The first appearance he made was with Barcley Fisher at his hunting shop near hillmond area where Jared helped him with all the Waterfowl hunting. Ever since day one of Jared coming to Buck Paradise he has worked so hard. During harvest and seeding, he is always on the tractor or running around the farm trucking for us. Around here there is usually always something to do... Jared knows it. He is the king of deer jerky making, we have many different flavors and spices to try. Jared has a beautiful girlfriend back home that comes out sometimes during the weekend to help him go baiting and be a hostess back in the bar. Jared is a great friend and one of a kind. He is the best thing that has happened to our company/family by far. He will always have a home here at Buck Paradise Outfitters.

Talk soon!!


November 5th
Good morning everyone, it was a cold weekend with lots of snow. Grant Lana and I went out to Garets first league hockey game in Maidstone Saturday night and they won 4-3, Garet even scored. We are so proud of him, what a successful week/weekend he had.

Up next on our daily write up of staff is our girl Emalie.

Emalie Washbrooke is our new merchandise and lodge manager. She has been with our family since 2016! Emalie grew up in Glaslyn, SK. She has just graduated this past June and is looking into many different areas of work to see what her post-secondary options may turn out to be. Emalie is a beautiful and caring soul, she loves people and animals, her future accomplishments are endless! So exciting to see where the future will take her. Ian and Emalie live in Paradise Hill and are planning a few trips starting in February. If any hunters have any advice or stories to share with Emaile or Ian I am sure they are eggar to learn your perspective and tips on traveling. We are so grateful to have Emalie apart of our family.

Check back tomorrow for the next staff member write up,

Talk soon

November 4th
Hello everyone!! We had poker and Ray's homemade pizza last night to celebrate a week full of successful hunts. We all had a great night spent in our bar in the shop called "Just One More". Grant and Lana had a crew that headed into Paradise Hill to attend the "George Jones Tribute Band" it was an amazing time!

Now let me tell you about the younger Kuyper Ian.

 Ian John Kuypers. Ian was born June 26/1996. One of the cutest little babies you could ever imagine might I add. Ian started hunting with his Dad at a very young age. He would get extremely upset if his Dad did not wake him up at 4:30 AM to go set up decoys. He enjoyed sitting with the hunters and Handing out jerky when the hunting was slow. When he was legal age to start hunting he killed a great black bear for his first hunt. He loved hanging out with his Grandpa Kuypers hunting which was always an “experience”   Ian graduated high school and went to work at Novlans Garage for a year and then decided he wanted to come back to the farm to help his Dad and brother with the farm and outfitting business. Ian’s more passionate about the hunting business but his mechanical skills make him a huge asset to both the farm and outfitting business. Ian also became a homeowner this year. Ian has a beautiful girlfriend named Emalie who also is our lodge and merchandise manager at the camp this year. Ian is like a brother to me these last few years with him we grew very close and I am so happy to have him as a friend. He is a hard-working, respectful guy and his hunters all enjoy his company as a guide.

Stay tuned for tomorrows write up is all about Ian's girlfriend Emalie.

Talk soon.

November 3rd

Hello everyone, what a day here at Buck Paradise Outfitters I got off work early today and headed out to visit with everyone. Turns out Brandon Young shot out just as I was pulling into the yard. He shot out with an amazing monster Whitetail we can not wait to show everyone these photos that will be posted tomorrow of this buck.

Now let's get to the next Buck Paradise Outfitters family member Garet Kuypers.

Garet William Kuypers was born January 15th, 1995. Garet grew up in Paradise Hill. Being raised on the farm with all the farming knowledge starting at a very young age. He graduated in 2013 in Paradise Hill then headed west to Vermilion college and took Crop Technology Sciences and received a diploma in 2015. Garet has a very caring and compassionate heart for others and it shows with his humbleness and kind actions in his work. If you see a big lazy white cat around the farm his name is Benny better known as Buckwheat and that little guy belongs to Garet. Garet is one of my very closest friends and I am forever grateful for having him by my side these last few years. If you ever need someone to talk to about hockey, hunting, farming or anything to do with space, oh my you and Garet will have lots to talk about.

Hope all is well, talk soon.

November 2nd

Hello everyone, Pat Needle shot out with beautiful ten point this morning. Pat was guided by Jared Hillmer The photos are up now. Go check them out!

Okay, so I think its time we catch everyone up to speed on what has all happened lately at Buck Paradise Outfitters.

If you have been around the farm the last few years you might have heard a few names and not really made the connections of who is who and even what they even look like. Thankfully we have our "Meet the Staff" page to get everyone sorta caught up on all the new additions.

For the next little while, I am going to do a write up on our journal of every staff member so you have an idea of what everyone is up to lately.

Let's start with our Owner & Operator Grant Kuypers.

Oh, my Grant Kuypers this guy is the busiest, most hardworking, and humble guy I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Whoa whoa, wait did I forget to mention the happiest guy I have ever met too! Grant started Buck Paradise way back in 1998 and has grown the company enormously. He has met so many amazing people throughout this journey and really we are only just beginning. Grant has two amazing sons, Garet & Ian. They both are eager to learn and work hard on the farm and in our hunting business. Grant was also raised on the family farm where he lives today. On the farm, he helped his Dad with the livestock and grain. Lenorad Kuypers taught Grant how hard work and dedication pays off and Grant is passing that on to his two sons. Grant has met an amazing woman if you haven't figured that out yet. Oh and yes, this woman happens to be my Mother. They have both been successful in their business and families, finding their ultimate happiness with spending time with each other. I strongly believe Grants goal is to bring people into this wonderful province and give them a great experience as he feels very fortunate to have been born and raised in such an amazing environment.

Talk soon everyone,


November 1st
Good morning everyone, Another beautiful Whitetail down here at Buck Paradise Outfitters. Mike Sachwlak tagged out with this amazing ten point a few hours ago. He was guided by Ian Kuypers. Congratulations boys on an amazing trophy, Photos are up!

Grant and Lana have headed up to Edmonton this afternoon to get a few more supplies for our shop and cabins. They even got a quick stop by the new Rogers Place arena to catch the Oilers v.s Pittsburgh game. See if you can catch them on the big screen.

Hope all is well, talk soon


October 31st
Happy Halloween everyone, This morning we went out and had a little waterfowl hunt with the crew. Ray our amazing cook even came out early this morning to hit his limit. We added the photos to our Instagram page!

I am not sure if anyone has told the Buck Paradise Website family about our new addition...Maverick. We adopted Maverick back in February. He is our amazing bird dog. With his skills, instincts, and energy to be our companion in the field. Maverick also has the biggest heart always needs a scratch or some attention from anyone who walks by. He is Grant's right-hand man, If you don't see Maverick by Grant's side he is usually cuddled up in his kennel getting some energy for the next big hunt. Check out the video we put up on our Instgram page of him. 

Hope all is well, talk soon.


October 30th

Hi everyone, First-day success for our hunter Kenny Young as he has tagged out early this morning! Kenny arrived last night with his son Brandon. Kenny and Brandon are guided by Garet Kuypers. His beautiful ten point is an amazing trophy to tag out on. Congrats boys! Check out the photos on "2017 Whitetail"

We have had snowfall here and it seems like it will be sticking around. Winter is here.

We also have now got our Instagram page up and running all over again, go check it out for the everyday post on everything that goes on around Buck Paradise. @buckparadise

Now we wait and see if Brandon can tag out early this week too & see if the Young family both can take home a monster Whitetail.

Talk soon.

October 29th
Hello everyone, We have had a busy day today here at Buck Paradise Outiffters. Changeover day was a success and everyone is all ready for the following week. We have just got all our new hunters in for the week and everyone is all settled in and ready to tag out on a beautiful WhiteTail.

The days are getting pretty cold around here but no sign of snowfall just yet. As I was driving into the yard today there was two Whitetail doe's laying in the driveway. It is just so crazy all the wildlife we see here even from our front window at breakfast time. Good luck to all the hunters this week! Can't wait to hear all the stories.


October 9th - Hello everyone Becca here, It has been so busy the last while at Buck Paradise. With multiple hours out in the field getting off the crop field by field for harvest, scouting birds, and updating our administration it has been crazy how so much time has gone by. Our apologies. We have just got our website all updated and are still constantly working on improvements and slowly but surely learning how it all works. Hope everyone is enjoying the new facelift!

We have had some amazing hunts the last while and can't wait for some more this week. Waterfowl is done in almost a week then Whitetail starting right after. We are so excited to see some beautiful Bucks and visit with all our hunters coming in.

This afternoon we are hoping to finish off some more of our fields for harvest, yesterday we got a few hours off to visit with family and have some turkey to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for all our clients, friends, family and our beautiful country!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone is having an amazing Monday.

P.S Satuday morning we got to hunt right outside our lodge here is a little video of how amazing that hunt went!! Crazy.



Sept 26/17- Hey guys, check out this awesome video sent to us this morning!


Sept 10/17 - Good morning. Well I have been getting up pretty early lately. Lots on the go as usual for this time of the year. We started harvest Sept 04. (My Birthday :) ) on peas. What a great crop. They stood and bushelled out excellent this year. What took us 3 weeks to harvest year, we did in 6 days. I started cutting canola yesterday and Garet and I will continue to so do this week. Weather has been so awesome. We were hitting mid 80s last week. Sept 01 opening day of waterfowl saw 7 of myself and my guides and some friends go on our first hunt of the year. It was great. Smashed out a limit of honkers and about 30 ducks. I took Maverick for his first hunt. He did pretty good as there was lots going on. I hope to find some more time to work him this fall. He is a good dog. We had clients arrive Sept 03 and the hunting even with the heat has been great. We had 4 great people from California (the Hudson family) come to Buck Paradise for there 1st time. They shot geese & ducks in the AM and then hunted bear in the PM. All 4 shot beautiful bears and a lot of geese. When they came they said this was a 1 time deal but last night when we were eating supper they said they will be back. That is our goal at Buck Paradise. I have a great line up of staff this year. We have a new cook (Ray) who is awesome and I have to watch myself as his deserts and baking are over the top. We have Emalie cleaning and driving tractor and cart with Ian and doing a great job getting our store and everything around here organized. For our waterfowl guides we have Jayce, Jayden, Chad & Jared is on route today to get here. Dub is back helping with harvest and Bear hunts and Waterfowl. Becca comes out when she can from college to help us out giving Emailie a hand or what ever is needed. Garet is full throttle on the combine and now swathing canola for a week and Ian will be helping out with bear baits and getting things ready for the next round of harvest. Hopefully by the end of next week we are going on wheat or Lentils... Lana has been by my side helping out with the cook, doing licenses, running around for me in the field (she even combined some peas :) ) when we need things and then doing her full time job selling asphalt. She is gone this week to the states (to many to list) travelling to meet her customers and we will miss her here at Buck Paradise. Well I have one more Waterfowl License to do up. We have 12 more fresh people coming in to camp today so it will be busy. I will finish this license then I am going to go cut canola for a hour or two till Garet and Corey get out there. Our AG dealer in Paradise Hill let me use a new Macdon Demo swather for the day so we are going to go with 2 of them and get some acres of canola cut. Later all. Have a great Sunday..



August 14/2017 - Good day from Buck Paradise. Yes still alive and kicking. Been a busy summer and to be honest with you all I am still trying to learn how to use the new website and it has me procrastinating to work on it. My bad as I am sure as I get used to it, it will be easy to do what I used to and keep this thing rolling and stuff on here for you guys and girls to come and check out..... Well since May 27th here is all that has been happening.
Bear season was a great success. We hosted 27 bear hunters and we shot 25 bears. Not quite 100% success but one fellow wounded a nice bear and decided not to hunt any more and the other gentleman (Greg Miller) was there to video his nefew shooting his bear for there TV show. Greg hunted one evening and then they had to hit the road onto there next adventure and Greg was happy that they got a great show with his nefews hunt and did not want to rush to try and get another one. I believe they will be back next spring and Greg will get behind his bow and put one down.
We finished seeding around June 3rd. We had some custom work to do for the neighbors also. It has been a wet summer for us here and our crops look great. We have peas all around the lodge this year so that will make for some nice close goose hunting.. After bears were done and Garet and I finished some in crop spraying for weeds, I took off to BC with my GF Lana. She had work in Kelowna and we pulled the camper down. It was a nice trip and met some of her co workers (who all like to hunt) and did some wine tours and Lana had a family reunion down close to Kelowna that we attended. Was a great trip and we bought a lot of wine :).
We then got home and started doing some house renovations at my farm where I am now living. It looks great and we are still working at it but hope to be done by the end of this month. Between the house renos, Lana was down in Calgary at the stampede entertaining clients mostly from the US. I finished up some flooring and fungicide spraying and went down for the last couple of days to the stampede with her. Was a great time and again met some more of her clients who are very interested in coming to hunt our geese, bears & whitetail deer. Then I flew off to Alaska for my annual fishing trip with Mr. Brian Bowers. Fred Zink, Glen Fester, Clark Larre and the Black brothers all came to fish with us this summer. It was a great trip and I was able to bring a couple boxes of tasty fresh salmon home. Fishing was good and when I figure out my picture gallery I will post some pics of the fish we caught. BIG KINGS.... Was home for a week and then I flew to Montreal with Lana as again she had more work down there. I caught up with my bookings and did a lot of work in the room. I was able to meet up with my good friend and long time hunt client Frank Diblasio. We went out for supper one night which was awesome and had a great time catching up.. We then flew back to Saskatoon via Toronto from Montreal and we caught a Toronto Blue Jays game while we were there. That was last Thurday and we flew home Friday AM. We had our summer bash this weekend in Paradise Hill. We had High Valley playing Saturday night there this year. WHAT a show. Those guys know how to entertain... Hey Romeo a Canadian band played Friday & Saturday night and spent the weekend with us in the lodge at Buck Paradise. Great people and such a great weekend. Buck Paradise donated 2 - 2018 spring bear hunts which sold very well at our Saturday night event. Thanks to Guy & Lorraine St Amant for buying those two hunts for next spring. Well that is my summer in a nut shell. Garet & Ian have been busy fixing, cleaning, maintaining the shop and farm yard which looks just great and today our new girl Emalie started. She will be taking over Katie and Beccas duties who helped us out last fall. Got a new load of bear bait in for this fall so Ian will start baiting later this week for our fall bear hunters coming in. We start bear and waterfowl hunts Sept. 03 and are booked up pretty solid. I still have a few waterfowl dates available and a few whitetail hunts to. Give me a call or email if you are interested. Thanks everyone.

May 27/17 - Hello Everyone. Well it is a beautiful day here in Saskatchewan. Our first week of bear camp is finished and what a good one it is. I am still getting used to the new sight and honestly was flat out all last week with seeding. Then we got rain (2 inches about) on Wednesday so we are shut down for a bit. Full camp of bear hunters coming in tomorrow. We are excited to have all or our clients some new and some returning get back into camp. Brett Kissel will be joinng us this week. Brett is a young upcoming Country singer. So hopefully we can get Brett to break out his guitar and play us a few songs this week. Plus my good friend Ed Goings and his son will be joining us this week also. We hope to start seeding tomorrow again. We have about 5-6 days left and then that should rap our stuff up and then we have some custom work to do for the nieghbors. Peas are already popping out of the ground which is nice to see also. Heading to a Lobster fest tonight with Lana and her girls and a couple of good friends. Should be fun. Going to try to get the pics from last week on here now. Thanks all.

May 17/17 - Welcome everyone to Buck Paradise Outfitters New website. We hope you enjoy the new look and new feautures this website has to offer. Well it has been quite a spring. Super good for whitetail deer, bear and waterfowl, especially waterfowl as it has been very wet. April 1 arrived with warm rain that melted the little snow that we had. We felt at that time we could be in the field in mid to late April. Not happening. With some wet snow falls and cooler temps coming in it was a wet month. Then May rolled in and the rain has been frequent. After today we should have all our peas in the ground (900 acres of them) and then moving onto Lentils and then Canola. We took on some more acres this spring and are putting in around 3800 acres of Peas, Lentils, Canola & wheat combined this year. It rained last weekend over an inch but Garet and I were able to get a few acres in last night. We hope to get in a good day today. Ian, Corey & Jayce have been busy feeding bears. Bear hunters should be excited this year as we have lots and some dandy bears hitting the baits. Jean Hardy is coming back to cook for us this spring. It is good to have Jean back and out of retirement. Lana has been busy helping Allyson getting the lodges ready and cleaned up and looking great and busy ordering groceries for our guest coming in starting this Sunday. Will be a busy place for a few weeks with Bear hunting, spraying, seeding ect going on. We also have Dan Hardes helping us on the farm this spring and Jared who was with us last year for waterfowl and whitetail season will be here Friday to help out with Bear and farm work where needed. I have a great crew and look forward to working with everyone and meeting our some new and some old guests coming in. My sister Lenora and her husband are hosting a roping this weekend. Please check out the events calendar on our new website for more info on that. Couple other things. We have installed a Reverse Osmosis Water system on the place. All our water is now drinking water quality from every tap on the farm and lodges. Good healthy water. Quite a cost but it needed to happen. We try to keep improving for our guests constintly. And the winner of the hunting Knife donated by Jason Kilcup last fall was Stuart Thibediou from Maine. Conrats Stu on a beautiful hunting knife. Time for me to get to work. Enjoy everyone and have a wonderful day.

Mar.13/17 - Hi everyone. Got busy hauling wheat last week finally. It was not ideal weather as it was cold and stormy a couple days. I had some truck troubles that first day. Rad froze up in my semi... so its in Lloyd getting fixed. I have a old international spare that we still use around the farm so I got it going and used it all last week. Rough old girl but does the job. Well this morning I loaded up and started to head out of the yard and it made some bad clunking noise when I moved forward. We figure the rear diff is pooched in it. But my other truck should be good to go tomorrow. So toda